Is Christmas a bad time to approach businesses?

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Someone I was chatting with had a thought that it would be a bad time to present to clients at this time of year but I think I'm still going to try and close a client this week.

What would be the issues? Money is tight?

Why not utilize a Christmas discount?
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    I am giving Christmas discounts...Although business is a bit slower than usual right now. I have a couple whales on the hook, but haven't reeled them in completely. This is going to be a month where all my money comes in all at once.
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    When Christmas , usually most of people in holiday mood and they do not like to involve with work and spend money.
    That why it would be best that you able to close the sales as fast as possible.
    The more you delay may cause your harder to close it.
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    Well, in my opinion, it really depends on what you're selling. There are a lot of businesses that make a lot of profit during the holidays like companies that sell products that are fit to become presents. Still, there are some businesses that do not make a lot this Christmas season as it is not their, well, season. I agree with iAmNameless, utilizing a holiday discount can also draw in customers
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      I've lived in many different parts of the USA and the Christmas season's effect of how business is done varies a great deal. In some parts of the country, the Northeast for example, things can come to a screeching halt the day after Thanksgiving. In other parts of the country, Nevada for example, it's just another day in the casino.

      Regardless of where you find yourself, things tend to be a least a bit slower to say the least.

      If nothing else, it's a good time to find a way to say thanks to your current clients, and spend some time doing things to have a better and stronger 1st quarter. Rather than get frustrated about prospects putting you off because of the holidays, build up your prospecting lists, look for new markets, brush up on some sales skills if you need to (and who doesn't) and spend some time relaxing. It's Christmas for us too and we work hard and deserve to take a break for family and friends.
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        There is no doubt that a lot of us go into "holiday mode" at some point after Thanksgiving.

        I like to plan my year so that I can coast a bit in December myself.

        Also gives an opportunity to do some planning, reading, reflecting, etc.
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    The idea of a discount offer is good as it is likely to attract more customers. Businesses that deal with holiday-to-do deals are the major beneficiaries of Christmas holidays and so it will generally depend with the kind of business one deals in. Better for those with an all round business. But still, this is a good time to relax and tour places as you contemplate on resumption of business in the beginning of the year.
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    Good question, it is neccessary to remember that we need not go to the business when there is some festival. In foriegn countries most of them celebrate christmas in grand way. so it is advisable not to go for business during these days
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