How much do you charge for monthly website maintenance?

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How much do you charge and what do you include for that amount?

How many times do your clients get to add or make changes for that amount each month?

What would you do for $75.00 a month?

Thanks in advance. :-)
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    It should depend on how much time you put into the website. I generally charge my clients $200 a month average..but that's to up date their content and keep them ranking on Google's first page.
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    depends on what your wanting to do with the site, update products, blogs or just keeping server up and spam down lol
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    Let's say that you are not including SEO, but just for updates and additions to the site (like add this article, add that store item, etc.)
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    I have a detailed price list for my services. Articles added to website: $25 if they provide, $65 if I write and post up to 400 words (very high quality articles). Slide Videos $70 up to 60 seconds including voice-over or music. Basic SEO maintenance $200/mo The list goes on.. I find that having a clearly defined price structure makes managing the process easier.
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    I've tried many models with this but lower end clients are usually comfortable (and may be in YOUR best interest due to, "just one more thingitis") to do an hourly rate. Higher end, do a package that is almost equivalent to the hourly amount, just a bit less. Just make sure to send them a bill each month even if there are no changes (null bill) just to be in front of their eyes all the time.
    I have no agenda but to help those in the same situation. This I feel will pay the bills.
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