How To Make $500 - $1000 In 24 Hours Or Less With Copywriting+Design Tricks

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Here is a little known web marketing strategy that you can introduce to brick and mortar businesses in your local area today so you can make $500 - $1,000 (or more) in 24 hours (or less)...

The little known strategy? Offer to build what I call Automated Sales Rep Sites or what you and I know as online direct response sales letters for their slow moving or soon to be released products and services and you'll probably get a ton of response from even those who may initially have said NO to a web site.

Here's why...

You're not offering the traditional 5 page web site gig that dozens of people are already offering to do for them, including their brother, sister or cousin... no joke... most offliners will tell you they know SOMEONE probably a close relative who can offer them a site or who is "already working on one".... You tell them you're not offering to build them a site, you're going to give them an automated sales rep that will sell for them 24/7/365. You tell them for most offliners their sites aren't built to sell, they're built to inform prospects of their services... informing people about stuff is great, but no money changes hands till some direct selling is done (in many niches on or offline). You tell them that's what you're here to offer them... a chance for them to finally start closing sales from all those prospects they have on their contact lists or that already visit their sites or know them via their business facebook pages or come from other offline or online advertising and promo sources.

You tell them sites are great. You're not knocking sites. But sales reps are better... in many cases, they actually do work and you share examples from the plethora of examples out there from online direct response markteing..

Now, here's a twist I added to get my first client a few weeks ago and it's the one I'm using to close my second one (she's still checking out her options but is likely already 100% closed since even though she's a 100% offliner, she does buy from ASR's or Automated Sales Reps or sales letters so she knows that they work (and better than most traditional sites do)). Anyway here's the twist...

Don't offer to simply build the kind of sales letters you and I grew up seeing as online marketers... instead throw in something extra...

What's the extra? Well, here it is, and it's nice and simple...

I came up with this idea after seeing so many offline ads that look like sales letters we use online, the only differences are...

1. They are graphic-based sales letters i.e. they use graphics to do most of the selling as opposed to words. A pix is worth a thousand words and all that, and that actually does work offline. Check out all the billboards, flyers, and magazine ads etc that you see offline, they use photos and icons more than words. They capture the imagination in 2D.

2. They use a ton of different attractive, energizing colors that spark excitement and the need to see what's being advertised. Online we use colors too in our sales letters, the difference though is most of our sales letters are done up with more white space and red arrows than most offliners are used to seeing in one sitting. That's where the offline advertisers are kicking online sales letters butts when it comes to advertising to offliners... white space is great, but it is not exciting to someone who lives offline... red arrows are great too, but they aren't common offline, however great use of lots of different colors is what attracts them, you know "bright lights" like in Vegas... They are drawn to colors, so use them in spades, but of course use them wisely.

There's a few other subtle differences but those are the 2 main ones and when you use them well combined with your skills as an online or even offline direct response copywriter or marketer (and advantage we have over many traditional or offline advertisers), you will have a work of art that actually does sell, not just one that looks attractive... but if you go with OUR white type sales letters, you'll have a powerful letter that likely won't convert as well offline cos you've left out what they are used to... photos, and colors.


I added one more deal closer...

They MUST add video to their ASR because video adds some level of credibility and is a great way to showcase a ton of valuable features with motion pictures and sound which is another thing offline buyers are used to seeing every day and buying from... that's one reason infomercials continue to do well, let them know you will be adding video for them as well... most offline web marketing consultants don't yet offer videos from my experience so this is a deal closer I'm sure.

So, how do you do the pricing? That's up to you and based on your market and local area butmy first deal closed at $533, the second is likely to close at double that (I'll let you know), others may be even higher as I gain ground as an expert ASR solutions provider offline.

I only did the first deal for $500 because I just badly wanted a test project and something for my offline copywriting portfolio and I figured I might as well get paid in the process... Took me 4 weeks cos I fell ill during the project, normally wouldn't take longer than 2 weeks cos I have a system and I'm happy to share it if folks want it, though if you look at my example you can probably hand pick a ton of stuff from there yourself. The example will be attached to this post.

What else? Can't think of much else to add except to say it can be as easy as saying, I have a new strategy I want to introduce to you that might help you close 10% or more in sales using a web site technique I'm pretty sure you've never heard of but that has generated several hundreds of millions of dollars in sales since the 90s to date.

They will ask you what the strategy is and then you EDUCATE them on what online copywriting and sales letters are all about and what they have achieved using sales figures from the online marketing gurus experiments like the guy who closed 1,000 sales at $29.99 per month a while back using an ASR built for onliners, or the guy who pulled down $1,000,000 in sales in 18 hours or the fellow who did a modest $4,000 in 7 days using the same technique... and so on... this stuff often works better than most traditional 5 page sites and that's why you're introducing it to them.... Your normal fee would be $X.xx but if they order now, you'll do it for $X.xx...

I did that and closed my first sale over the phone in about 5 minutes. The guy was desperate and already a customer who trusts me so that helped, but I'm sure it can work regardless if the pitch is done right.

To make your case even more solid, send them off to your own ASR built to market THIS service, if they don't order right away, pitch to other local business owners or better yet, pitch to a ton of people and send them to your own ASR... see if it works... most likely will.

OK, if you have any questions, I'll be happy to help however I can.


Kunle Olomofe

PS: You can pretty much outsource every part of the job--the copywriting, the graphic design, the site building, even the prospecting... just add your own cut and bag some extra money.

PPS: My client was ecstatic with the final product, he called me gifted, and said thank you so many times I had to keep cutting him off cos I was blushing lol... anyway he's about to field test it, I will likely come back with results from his field tests later on. Hope he cashes in plenty.

PPPS: The market is wide open for this kind of offer since most offliners have plain old boring sites and blogs, or even flashy sites and blogs that simply don't and can't close a sale in a million years, so you can picth the ASR to people who don't have any site yet and even those who do, and besides the skill set to deliver a great ASR absolutely RIGHT is not as common as say putting together a 5-25 page site, so competition is lower at least for the time being.

Here's the sample from the first ASR I built (blurred out some parts to protect my client's biz)... (the screenshot is a bit large @ 2 MB+ so might take a while to load on some connections.)
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    Hi Kunle,

    Thanks for sharing this!! This is one of those posts that is better than some WSO's I've read. I like the spin of calling them Automatic Sales Rep sites.

    Are you recommending that these be the primary website for businesses or an add on? If it's an add on, do they provide the URL for the ASR site on specific marketing campaigns?

    I like the idea here and your sales graphic looks GREAT!

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      Originally Posted by Warrior Ben View Post

      Hi Kunle,

      Thanks for sharing this!! This is one of those posts that is better than some WSO's I've read. I like the spin of calling them Automatic Sales Rep sites.

      Are you recommending that these be the primary website for businesses or an add on? If it's an add on, do they provide the URL for the ASR site on specific marketing campaigns?

      I like the idea here and your sales graphic looks GREAT!

      It's my pleasure Ben. And thanks for the compliment and comment on the sample. The term I coined Automated Sales Rep or ASR came from copying the ATM concept that virtually all our offline prospects are used to. I think calling it that will makeit easier for them to understand what they'll be getting.

      I think you should offer it as an add-on. In fact, offer it as an upsell or backend if you already offer to build traditional sites/blogs for your clients.

      And yes I would either offer to set it up on a separate URL e.g. (much like we do online) or as an add-on URL to their existing one. My first client actually set up his own and I simply uploaded it for him to that URL.

      In rare cases, I will be offering this as the primary site for a client who is hoping to sell one item online at a time such as a book, ebook, audio etc (that's another overlooked market by the way, I think I'll talk more on that in a separate post).

      I think the uniqueness of the concept is key to making the most from it, it may or may not catch on, but chances are with the tons of competition out there I wont be surprised if it really becomes just as normal as traditional sites.

      In any case, I'll be making bank on it "while stocks last" ;-)


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