Best place to outsource the delivery of my flyers?

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Yes I'm looking to outsource and I already know about fiverr Craigslist etc I am just looking for some site or person that's reliable as I am looking for good results....anybody know of any other sites or individuals who have oven you success? Any advice will help, thank you.
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    I hired people on CL to do it for me. It worked out pretty well but took me forever to find someone. Three appointments were no-shows before I found someone that would actually do the work.

    If you're not going to be there handing out flyers with them, I suggest you get them to agree to text message you a picture every hour or so of the level of flyers they have and where they are. Also tell them you know what the opt-in rate is (even if you don't) and so if they don't hand out the things, you'll know. No pictures, no payment.
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    Find a broke high school or college kid. Works for us...

    Post signs about the gig at your local community college.
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    You can try craigslist or fiverr...problem is whether they give you proof that they have delivered the flyers.

    I use odesk, and that way I pay them half...and odesk keep half until I'm satisfied they have done the job...and then odesk release the funds and pay the remaining half to the person...kinda like escrow.

    hope that helps
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