bing and yahoo local???

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I know google is king but how does yahoo and bing rank thier local?
No one ever seems to talk about this.
They clearly do not use the citation formula so just wondering if anyone know?
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    While I do not claim to be an expert in Yahoo or Bing local SEO, I believe at least the former do use similar to the citations formula. Trust and prominence are definitely a ranking factor in both. Bing puts way too much importance (imho) on keywords in the business name or domain name. Both bring traffic, I've heard Yahoo does that more than Bing actually.
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    I would like to know as well. It'san interesting question and I hope someone that has studied it post the answers here, I've not worried about it because I've found that I rank higher and faster with Bing and Yahoo. I don't know why. And as Bing continues to grow, it will become more important to know what they are doing differently.
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    You should always offer Bing & Yahoo listings to clients...maybe as an upsell or package deal. With Facebook using Bing exclusively as their search it's becoming an important factor in local searches.
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    Yahoo Local & Bing Local listings DO very much use citation formula and are usually much easier and quicker to get good rankings in versus Google. I just completed citations (manually) for a new client that brought him from page 3 listing to #1 position Page 1 for both Yahoo and Bing within 48 hours. (For a very competitive keyword/niche)

    The same client in Google Places required more work and two weeks time before making page 1.
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    What is this citation formula? I have search in Google but did not get any result that clear about the relation with seo.
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    Google is the best but Yahoo is also very good for rank up the sites.Try it working very well..
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