i should be able to watch warriors videos without stress

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what are the factors responsible for poor display of videos.i tried watching the video of a warrior,it played for like 5 secs and stopped,after like another 30 secs it continued again for 4 secs and then stopped for about 45secs and the ugly process continued to the end of the video.i always get similar experience each time i try to watch videos on youtube or any site i visit.it's not encouraging and kills my spirit any time i necessarily need to watch a video.
factors responsible for this and advice on how this can be overcome will be highly appreciated.
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    It sounds like your computer might be low on memory or you are running too many programs at the same time which could be causing your computer to lag.
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    It could also be your internet connection. There are a bunch of free tools you can use to check your download speed, it may be something is slowing down your speed.
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      I had the same problem. The tech told me to increase memory. iit was time to upgrade anyway so I got a new computer.
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    It's your Internet Connection Speed BTW try to upgrade your browser also..
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    1. Your computer memory.
    2. Internet Speed
    3. Browser update.

    Try these 3....
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    I was having the same trouble before Christmas for like two days, then I brought my laptop to my parents and it worked like lightening... So I figured it was the internet connection and not my PC as I had suspected.

    Strange, isnt cable just cable? Shouldnt it work the same everywhere every time?

    Wasnt my pc afterall.
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    Also if you have more than one computer in a wireless network and the other person is using a lot of band width, it will lag. What I do sometimes is load the video and put it on pause to allow it to buffer. Then play it. Usually it works after that.

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    duh, Im on wireless at home and plugging in direct here... thats the difference. Thanks.
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