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After a few cold calls and setup of appointments I was wondering how do you all setup demo sites. I haven't done any and wanted to know do you outsource someone to setup a demo site for potential customers? Or do you actually use a program. I want to add more into my presentations and a demo site would really allow me to close more deals. I know I am WAY behind on this but better late than never
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    Hi George,

    I'm assuming you are looking for a demo mobile site here but yes it is fairly easy to do. You are just looking to show the customer what they could potentially have so you really only need to show them the "Home" page of their mobile site. These are fairly easy to do and their are programs out there that you can use in order to generate them or you can do them yourself without any programs. Just depends on how much time you have to devote to the task.

    I usually create a page and then stick it out in a folder under my domain and when I am showing a customer the mock up, I can just navigate to that folder on my domain. Fairly easy to do...

    I have sent you a PM about this - check it out...
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    I just checked it. I am looking for something along the lines of a full website to place pictures of customers potential sites if they decide to go with my service

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    I always say that when your just starting, it's important to stick to one category at a time (ex. Lawyers, Restaurants, Clinics, etc.). That way you can create one demo site for all of your appointments.

    Each category has specific needs (ex. Restarants need a menu on their site, Lawyers need a contact form). You can make one demo site for all of your appointment if their in the same category because your just trying to show them that you have the stuff to satisfy their needs.

    It's also pretty important to have a nice design on your demo site. If your looking for the easy route you can go to Themeforest and grab a wordpress template. Tweak it a little bit.

    After a while you will be able to cold call whoever you want because you will have a demo site and experience in each category.
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    WOW! Thanks KG thats awesome advice. Do you list each category one 1 domain?

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    I've started making a template that I can pretty well use for any small business, just need to change pics in a directory that cycle and mock up some text on the main page and one sample sub page. I place it in a sub directory on my business domain so that way there is no mistake who made it.

    I'm also going to be including a BUY NOW button on these sites so the owner can pay for 50% at the time of viewing it.
    I have no agenda but to help those in the same situation. This I feel will pay the bills.
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    No prob, Di -- think i posted on another thread about that. It just bypasses the inevitable 5 meetings they want if they can just pay immediately. (oh and cheques with wrong dates, not signed...etc.etc.)
    I have no agenda but to help those in the same situation. This I feel will pay the bills.
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    Aren't you starting the house by the roof? If you haven't made any website, and you don't know how to create one, how in the world are you going to be able to sell one?

    For a quick reference, you can always buy some theme at ThemeForest and use it BUT in the end you'll be selling something you don't know what it is, don't know how it works and how it can bring MAJOR profits to your clients.

    Thats it, unless I misunderstood something (which is quite common)...

    People make good money selling to the rich. But the rich got rich selling to the masses.
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    Talk to s62731. He talks about using this as a closing technique (the puppy dog approach) on this thread.

    Should be easy to set up a subdomain of your main site.
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    We've done demo sites off our main domain, but recently we got a second domain for demo sites and building sites. We use for our hosting and you can have as many domains as you want on one hosting account.

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    I have done alot of websites. I am just really asking whats the process you all use to get demo sites out for customers. I have seen on the site where some are creating them in as little as 5 minutes to take to appointments and show potential customers. I can build websites just looking for tips on demo sites thats all

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    What I did was just get an unlimited hostgator account for MY website that I have just in case customers want to find me online. I then just put each demo site on a sub domain.
    Main Account URL:
    Doctor Demo:
    Restaurant Demo:
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    Even your first customers should believe that you've been working with companies in THEIR category for a while now. Each business knows it has special needs. They get a special feeling about someone who "specializes" in their needs.
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    Thanks KG. I appreciate your feedback. For you to be new to the board you have alot of great insight on things. I appreciate you and welcome to warrior

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    Nice info on this thread....thanks KG..
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    If you already know how to build a website then you are ahead of the game!

    Here's what I have done: First, I created a 'generic' mobile website framework using CSS and HTML. Then I created several different button styles and other graphic elements with Photoshop and placed them into a folder called 'images'.

    Now whenever I have a presentation I can quickly build a custom solution to show my prospect! It took a bit of initial work but the result was well worth it! I can have a mobile demo site up and running fast!

    And I love the idea of adding a "buy now" button to the site. There are so many people who have perfected the art of telling you what you want to hear, saying things like "Hell yeah! This is awesome! Send me the invoice and we'll get started." Only to have the process bog-down when it comes time to actually collect the payment.

    A "buy now" button built right into the mobile demo will not only showcase the benefits of a mobile site further, it will eliminate a lot of the hassle of collecting payments!

    Services Offered:Web Design • Copywriting • Graphic Design • Offline Marketing • Video Production

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