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So awhile back I made a post some might remember explaining how I had talked my boss into letting me show him a presentation of my Online Marketing ability. At the time, I was hoping to just to make some extra side money doing SEO for the company.

So I worked a few long nights till 3-4am, wrote down any idea that would pop into my head and made it all presentable on a printed PDF file. I finally got the meeting I had been waiting for and for some reason, I wasn't scared at all. I breezed through it and answered all questions without any hesitation.

I did such a good job that my initial offer of doing SEO work on the side for them has landed me a newly created online marketing position. I'm going to be doing SEO, Social Media, updating site pages, etc. I have loved IM since the day I started and to finally be able to do it as a REAL career still leaves me speechless.

This new job starts within a couple of weeks and I'm already going over what is going to be my daily routine. It'll include some article writing, forum link posting, blogs, updating our facebooks and interacting with the fans, etc.

What I would LOVE is for you guys to shoot me some ideas that I haven't thought of yet to improve our company. What I have down now for "improvements" are as follows:

1) QR Codes on our packaging
2) Promo codes giving a first-time customer 5-10% off their NEXT order
3) Bi-weekly polls to build our mailing lists. "Vote in our poll and be registered to win a _____ signed by ____!" (Opt-In boxes as well)
4) Free ground shipping for purchases over $XX amount
5) Weekly, non-scripted video shorts giving our fan base a more personal relationship with our main characters and employees.

That's all I got for now. I know you guys would need to know more about our business to give the best information but any new ideas are good. And if you want to see what our company is about, visit Buck Commander or Duck Commander Official Web Site. Both sites are the same company and we make hunting videos, tv shows, appearal, hunting supplies, etc.
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    Congrats on your new position. The smart play would be to get all the 'on the job training' you can, then you can always go it on your own if the opportunity arises. Been watching your progress on the forum and it looks like you are really getting the hang of things.

    It looks like you have a good list so far. One thing that is definitely missing are mobile sites. Tried both sites on simulator and neither show a mobile version.

    One thing to focus on is building customer loyalty through your social sites, instructional videos are always good for that market, webinars maybe and something I am getting the feel for is blog talk radio.

    Then from there, look to some viral marketing, like getting people to refer others to your portal sites and get special offers for doing so.

    All the best, but it sounds like you are moving ahead. Well done.


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    Congrats man! You'll be getting tons of experience everyday!

    Just one suggestion, have you looked into anything about SEO for google as a local business? Could include things like making sure the business is listed in local directories, making sure you have a google places listing, getting reviews for your google places listing etc.

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      Excellent news keep up the good work and hope you go from strength to strength
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    Hmm on one hand congrats on developing yourself into a new role. On the other, a cautionary word on digging yourself a fatal pit to fall into. Make sure "success" has been clearly defined between your boss and yourself--otherwise, you may be in for an ugly conversation 6 months or a year from now. I've seen it happen with friends of mine who created new Marketing jobs to move into from Sales.

    Anyhow, you do have a list of 5 initiatives to work on to begin with, so you do have a lot to do and improvements you'll be able to show. Make sure your boss sees you as "revenue generation" instead of "overhead."

    I suggest paying the whopping $37 and joining the War Room (for life). The stuff in there is gold. There are no questions--only answers, right from the get-go. I'm not into online so much, being an offline guy, but even I stumbled over stuff I could use immediately just rolling down the thread list.
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    I really like your idea #5. How about an official twitter site for your company? You might consider improving your fan base by advertising on Facebook.
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