Toys-R-Us goes from brick and mortar to QR and Cardboard

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So I'm picking up my daughter at the mall tonight and while I'm waiting I notice something interesting near the children's play area. Upon closer inspection it looks like Toys-R-Us and Nickelodeon teamed up to create a virtual store right in the middle of the mall.

They're doing the same thing that a South Korean company did in one of their subways. They have a cardboard (or whatever the material is) stand that looks like a vending machine and you can scan the QR code next to the toy you want to purchase.

So I did.

It simply took me to the Toys-R-Us website with that particular toy added to my shopping cart. I could then make the purchase and have it shipped to my house.

Here's a photo of the stand.

I'm sure this is just a marketing test for both Toys-R-Us and Nickelodeon. I wonder if it will be the wave of the future, though.

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    This is new to me for sure... and it makes me think if this will actually catch on. The closest thing I have seen to this is those Best Buy Express vending machines.

    Has anyone else seen this by Toys-R-Us?
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    Was the website mobile optimized or it was another mobile website fail ?
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      Originally Posted by agonce View Post

      Was the website mobile optimized or it was another mobile website fail ?
      It was mobile optimized, but since you asked, I decided to take a closer look. Here's the URL it took me to.

      They're using this company Retail Mobile Commerce for their mobile e-commerce site and maybe their whole ecommerce site too.

      If this does take off, I can imagine Amazon will start adding these things to malls as well.

      But to be honest, when I go to a store or the mall, I want to be able to see, feel, and sometimes smell a product before I buy it.

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        OMG! I see in my crystal ball mega bucks using this with a twist. What a concept! I see five, six and seven figure incomes.

        Mike, I like to see feel and smell too but we're not little kids who want the latest toys. Dora delivered to my door because I didn't get her for Christmas. If I was 10 I'd be in heaven, just need mom's charge card. Woo-Hoo.
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        Originally Posted by mrcouchpotato View Post

        But to be honest, when I go to a store or the mall, I want to be able to see, feel, and sometimes smell a product before I buy it.
        That's not too much of a problem. Depending on the product you could have demos available.

        That way you can see, touch, feel, taste, smell etc. AND buy while those senses are still fresh.

        This can work for a variety of different products from toys to more niche specific products. Not having to haul a POS system and INVENTORY can really free up a merchant to go where their customers are.

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    Be a great angle for a food provider in the mall, you're down one end of the mall, theyre at the other , you see their display with chosen dishes on as per the Toys R Us promo, and scan to order the food which is then ready waiting for you when you arrive at their outlet a bit further up the mall, with some well chosen placements and effective couponing this can be good for any business in the mall or out of it.


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    They are making it easier and eaiser for people to shop these days.

    you see a product but you want to buy it online and get it shipped to your house? no problem, just scan this with your awesome smartphone and just purchase it online. tadaaaaaa

    Thanks for sharing
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    Man, you have my brain running in circles now!

    Imagine putting these out around town with your affiliate code.

    Wow, the possibilities!


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      Glad to see more of you understanding the importance of QR codes and using them for affiliate marketing is one of the many good ideas for their use.

      Ricky Allen
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    I never though about the affiliate link...OMG...that is just freaking pregnant with possibilities....Bars, laundry mats, anyplace where people gather...Heck, think about people who would like to shop online, but live in the poorest part of town, and they have a they can shop and "buy it now".
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