Requesting feedback on 30 second video marketing my local portal

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Happy New Year Warriors.

I am looking for feedback on a 30 sec video promoting my local portal.

Muskogee Directory and Events Calendar | Facebook

Does it pass the ' do you know what i want you to do test'?

How is the voice over?

Pictures to, but pictures can be easily changed.

In general what is your opinion?


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    Hi Kelvin,

    Voiceover is good...sounds like TV or radio quality to me.

    Photos are often a bit grainy, but as you said you can change them.

    So now I know that there is an events directory in this town, and I have a phone # to call about it. Did I miss anything?
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    Agree with Jason. Quick, straight to the point, but the images need fixed up.

    Nice job.


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      Thanks John, Jason.

      The images were take from my facebook page, which lowers the quality.

      Now that I am getting input, I can send them the original photos.

      Jason, I think you got it all.

      In general, I want to be the go to place for finding out what is happening in Muskogee, Oklahoma. If you are producing the event then I need to know. If you are just looking for stuff, then come to (my portal) to find it).

      Eventually it will all be ad supported.

      Anyone else.


      Kelvin Brown

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    The voice over is great. The photos as you know could use work. I personally hate any photos that show the black bars on the side. It screams unprofessional to me. Also, try putting the domain name across the bottom of the entire video. You only have 30 seconds on air so maximize it. Check your PMs.

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  • Profile picture of the author Steve Holmes
    Hi Kelvin,

    I do a lot of video work so here are a few constructive points that I hope might help.

    The music is too loud relative to the voiceover.

    The photos are really poor quality and have different dimensions, try to be more consistent with the sizes.

    Use music that isn't quiet in one section and loud in others.

    Good luck!

    "Live like you'll die tomorrow, Learn like you'll live forever" - M. Ghandi
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    Overall good job. Pro quality voiceover. I would do something with the images (quality and flashing between images to quickly for me)
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