How To Kick Off Your 2012 Internet & Ecommerce Consulting With A Big Bang!

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Hi Offliners,

If you want to grow your offline business quickly, start by putting together a list of interested prospects. Don't hard sell immediately because everyone is doing that and even those who get the job now will likely end up giving it up to you after you've proved just how good and reliable you are as THE expert.

This is what you want. You want to be known as their go to ecommerce expert not just an eager or available service provider hunting for a contract.

Nothing wrong with hunting for contracts, I do it too, but I'll be doing this on the side to slowly cement myself among a group of offliners as their top ecommerce expert. This will later turn into what is hopefully a very steady income stream very likely for years to come.

I've started by sending a Happy New Year greeting via text to all my contacts on Jan 1st. Now 3 days later I handpicked about 45% of the same contacts who I feel are targeted to what I do (ecommerce consulting) and offered them a free subscription to my ecommerce tips email newsletter.

I've already got a 15% sign up rate within minutes of sending out the texts. People will keep signing up throughout the coming days/weeks.

Next step, I will sign them up via email (I do it manually because most of my prospects may not yet have the time or knowledge enough to go and sign up themselves online, I will coach them to get used to stuff like that gradually), and then I'll text them a thank you once that's done besides the automated thank you they will get when I sign them up via email. This is a good way to stay top of mind. Plus I'll tell them when to expect their first free email tip.

Whenever I email them a tip, an article, ebook, software download/online access, whatever, I'll also text them to let them know to go and get it.

I am considering making access to the goodies I send out via email limited access available for just 7 days which means they will only be able to access the last tip until it's time for the next tip. This way I know people will rush to check their email.

After about 4 weeks of tips, I will send out a text and email asking for 10 friends mobile numbers so I can ask them to subscribe on their behalf, I may also offer a free gift to those who send 10 people's numbers within X hours or days.

I'll rinse and repeat all of the above till the end of never

Within a year my list of offline contacts should have grown to a good size of targeted prospects that I can contact via text and email. If I have something at least 100 people want, and 100 of the people on my list hurry to buy and I sell it for $100 or more, that's at least $10K or even more every time I send out an offer offline.

But this will all take starting now and keeping the flag flying.

Good luck in 2012.
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