How to make $1000's monthly marketing Offline to Automobile Showrooms?

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Hi guys! Happy New Year!

Im excited and ready to go this 2012, so how about this for an idea?

Can anyone shed some expertise on how we warriors can glean some of the mega potential wealth in the HIGH TICKET, Auto sales industry by using our customary lead capturing online funnel systems?

Im keen to know if these online sales funnels we warriors are so familiar with, can somehow be incorporated into the offline world of car sales (especially skyrocketing hybrid and small car sales - in light of the current economy)?

I can see big potential if this business model is set up correctly. But alas - the logistics of setting up an online lead capturing sales funnel, then sourcing a car showroom willing to do business with us, then of course coupling our sales funnel to any subsequent car purchase for BIG High Ticket commissions, are questions I would love to have some clarification on and comprehensive steps to!

Any suggestions on feasibility or suggestions are most welcomed!

Best wishes ALL!
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