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I am curious as to what some people are using to find good sites for citations for their google places listing. I was using a website called whitespark but I like to explore and know what else everyone out there is using. Any feed back is appreciated. Thanks
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    Take the top three competing sites in the Places response.

    Google their phone number "555-555-5555"
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    If you are using video as part of your local search marketing strategies remember to include your company Name, Address, Telephone and website details into your video description.
    Google will use this information from Youtube - a valuable citation most forget about: )
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    Are there more software's or sites such as whitespark, coz I really need to find a bunch of UK Citation Sources. I own a number of UK sites that I need to rank them TOP in Google Places.
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    A Google citation is simply the name, address, and phone number of your business as Google sees it listed across the Internet. More commonly known as NAP.!
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    Whitespark's Local Citation Finder is definitely the best currently.

    I have also compiled a list of the top 50 citation sources for the US:

    (I will be posting the list again soon!)
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    If you ever want a Whitespark Local Citation Finder report but don't want to subscribe to the service, I have a Fiverr gig and can run a report for you. Just look up Whitespark on
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    You can use Brightlocal citations Tracker free service to track potential citations resources to boost your Business.

    Citations is all about NAP. remove wrong NAP citations and create new. get some real reviews and bingo. you are hit.
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    I started using Bright Local. A litter more $ but I like it.
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    I agree that Whitespark is the best. Brightlocal is okay, too, but you don't need both for citations. The lists will be pretty similar, but I've noticed Whitespark tends to give me a larger list than BL on average.

    Really, WS is all you need. Make sure you take a look at the competition comparison WS provides you with as well as suggested citation sources. Their list will keep you busy a long while. You're wasting time by looking for other tools. Just get busy creating those citations.
    G+ LOCAL SETUP ___and____ Custom WordPress - Genesis Child Themes (see portfolio here)

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    Analyze their competitors that are ranking well and see where they are listed and get your business or your client as well if they aren't.
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    That SEL link above is a good start for most scenarios I think. I always like to "dig deeper" once I've set the foundation.

    I've got a constantly-updated list of around 500 GOOD citations at the link below (and I actually mean they're good quality, active, sources for the most part, not garbage directories or anything). First I listed the basic local listings (google, bing, etc), then the data aggregators (factual, neustar/localeze, etc), then the "general" business directories that take most types of businesses (superpages, manta, kudzu, yelp, etc),, then the industry-specific directories (, doctoroogle,, etc), then city-specific directories, event-posting directories, job posting boards, etc. Like mentioned above, video sites and other social media websites/image websites/map websites can be great sources of citations as well.

    Here is the HUGE list of 500+ Citations Sources That I'm always updating:

    Business Directories | Confident Brand

    In addition to Googling all of the business competition phone numbers in quotes as suggested above by pbarnhart, you can do the same sort of detective work by Googling all of the competition's business address info in quotes too.

    If you want to go wild and go "even deeper", I'd suggest setting up something like I discussed in my reputation management guide here (I linked to the relevant section on automating citation finding):

    TLDR: Set up Google Alerts using your competition's phone numbers and address info. This way you will be alerted every time your competition gets a citation (for the most part). Now you have a free automated citation finder ready to sift for gold!
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      No doubt, Whitespark is a great way to go, but even it has its limits. Granted, in most niches, what you find in Whitespark will be plenty good enough - citations wise. If you are unfamiliar with the tool, here is the best guide around: The Ultimate Guide to Whitespark's Local Citation Finder | Powered By Search

      If you need to go beyond WS, I suggest you hunt for lists, there are a million and one of them out there. Shameless plug (a few of mine): UK and Canada, USA. My lists were compiled by scraping the "Reviews from around the web" section of 1000s of Google Places listings, which you might want to try too.

      Remember, a citation is not defined as a local business directory, so don't stop there. Videos, photos, pdf, blogs, whatever are all good citation sources. Get creative. Lots of good posts on this too if you do some digging.

      Good luck.
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          I agree that WhiteSpark & BrightLocal will do the job just fine.
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    Lots of great information here but in your original post you mentioned citations for a Google plus listing.

    Was that just a typo or are you actually building citations to a listing, the reason I ask is because citations should be built for the companies web site, not any other web property.
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