Which generates more leads: landing page + SEO, or blog + Social Networking?

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If you had to choose, which do you think generates the most leads?

1. A simple landing page with a video, a form, a few testimonials, and a simple sales page + SEO for targeted keywords, or...

2. A full blown blog with Home, About, Products/Services, maybe a price list, Testimonials, Free Consultation, etc. pages, that are incorporated fully with Facebook and other social networks. Like maybe a Facebook widget in the sidebar, regular posts offering value, active comments from other bloggers, etc.

Which one generates more leads?
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    I would say #1- The Simple landing page because you would be getting targeted visitors looking for whatever product/service and if they find the solution to their problem on that page, see social proof with the testimonials and don't have to jump through many hoops to get more, then they are happy to take action.

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    depends on the niche and as per my experience you should have a mix of everything.
    Have a landing pages, make a few flash and text based banners, get a fb viral application designed and a facebook landing page.
    You can even have a full fledged website on facebook.
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