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Hi Guys,

I must say that this Offline forum is by far the best on the Warriorforum, now on to my question.

Does anyone have a solid client grabbing sales letter to send someone that does not have a website, my idea is to sell them a website eg. a plumber, give them free hosting for 6 months and a guaranteed listing on Google local listings, after that I will charge them $50 per month for hosting, my price for the website would be $450.

I am going dizzy at the prospect of having hundreds of customers sending me $50 per month but it getting them on board thats the only draw back.

Any help would be appreciated.

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    Some cautionary feedback for you:

    Copywriting, which is what you're talking about when you say you want a converting sales letter, is a highly prized and expensive skill. So I doubt anyone is going to give you such a letter. The forum has a Copywriting subforum you could check out. You may be able to get enough tips together to write a letter yourself, or hire someone to write one for you. In your case, all you have to do is state your offer and get it in front of people. Those who read it will either be open to the idea of a website or not. No rocket science required.

    Then there is the problem of credibility. The first time most people see unsolicited direct mail, it goes in to the trash. You may have to send as many as seven or nine mailings before they actually read it.

    Being in it and "dizzy" about the prospect of riches falling out of the sky (or your mailbox, or your Paypal account) for easy effort is probably the wrong reason to be in this business. Most people never make a dollar online, and the offline market requires a completely different skill set.
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    $50 a month for hosting?

    Most will not pay this. Unless you are providing something special $50 is too much for simple hosting.
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    There are many ways to sell the products/Service for offline customers.You can sell products/Service directly online or offline, for this purpose, We may use VOIP Phonesoft(as Call centers managements use this service) for calling to over world on their cell phone,email,Sms or may to start door to door at their home.

    Thanks for the appreciation!!!
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