3 Must Have Resources for Offline Clients [Websites]

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Hey Gang,

I don't often recommend resources, strategies, and techniques I use in my own business, but I figure since its the start of 2012 I might able to help some of you really improve the client experience for your clients.

The following are what I consider to be 3 must-have resources for any offline marketers that are building, designing, or managing wordpress websites for clients.

1) Wordpress Plugin: Adminimize
WordPress › Adminimize « WordPress Plugins

This plugin allows your to customize the admin menu area and dashboard for your client's websites.

I found that many clients might be tempted to "explore" the different plugins and settings contained within the admin area. This can be prevented by eliminating access to plugins you install for them...but that they really have no need to touch.

I tend to also remove access to the settings area (so they don't play with the permalinks, read/write settings etc.) as well as theme editing and plugin areas.

SEO plugins, wordpress customization plugins, theme settings, etc. can all be hidden from clients using this free plugin.

2) Professional Wordpress Training Videos via Plugin
WP101 Tutorial Plugin | The WP101 Tutorial Plugin delivers a complete set of professionally-produced "WordPress 101" tutorial videos directly within the dashboard. (non-aff)

This plugin will save you hours and hours of time in getting each new client up to speed with using their new website.

One of the main "complaints" that many businesses have (at least the ones I have spoken to) is the fact that they can never update their own website...and that their current website providers charge them for even the smallest change to their content...

Well now you can add a TON of value to what you offer clients by providing them with professional quality training videos.

You can let them know that you are providing training for their new website, training that they can then have members of THEIR staff go through so that they can handle the updating and adding of content to the website.

The beauty of this training is that every new wordpress update comes with an automatic update of the training videos...so the videos are always up to date with the layout/changes of Wordpress.

3) BackupBuddy Plugin
BackupBuddy - The Best WordPress Backup Plugin - Easily Backup and Move WordPress (non-aff)

Peace of mind. It's priceless.

Automatic backing up and restoring of client websites (compatible with Wordpress multisite structures).

Backups can be kept on the server or stored on an external location (FTP, Amazon S3, email etc.)

Includes malware scans and more.

Now if your client makes a critical mistake to their website / server, or some other emergency happens, you can quickly click a couple buttons and have their website back online in a snap.

ADDED BONUS: Create your own offline client website "template" that you can quickly duplicate and setup for each new offline client.

You can have all the plugins, settings, content etc. setup and ready to go...and then duplicate it to the clients server for some quick modifications...now you (or your outsourcers) are able to have $5,000+ client websites up and running in a matter of hours (assuming content is ready to go)

These are three things that have made a huge difference (and massive increase in perceived value) to my clients.

Hopefully it helps your business out too


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