Landing page or squeeze page proposal template?

by zardon
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Hello Warriors, I landed my FIRST offline client appointment yesterday which has turned into a proposal!

Currently the client has a website landing page for a specific high profile niche, and their objective is to capture leads and turn these leads into sales. The landing page, which already exists, requires optimizing, honing, tuning as well as an iphone application.

I've suggested that they do a split test for their landing page's or for specific offers so that they can measure their results.

They've asked me to draw up a proposal, except I've never written a proposal for landing page design, squeeze pages, and copywriting.

I'm aware that there there's Warriors on this forum with more experience of doing Landing pages or Squeeze pages and I would need help to help close and deliver on the deal.

Here's what I need.

1. Is there any templates or sample landing page/squeeze page proposals out there, or something you use?

2. Is there any possibility of partnering up with someone on the WarriorForum to help deliver the project, ideally the Warrior should have some squeeze pages and if you've got metrics even better!

3. I am possibly needing help with a 1-month SEO campaign (backlinks, things like this).

I'm specifically interested in a proposal that would offer some kind of monthly retainer where the landing page is honed.

Any help that anyone can give on this would be most appreciated.

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