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I'm wanting to offer a service to small businesses where I set up a simple site for them. I've seen people mention reseller hosting, but if I understand it correctly, you're putting your own name on your hosting company. Also, what happens if the client has any problems?

I would much rather see if there's a simpler alternative where I could just create the site and then maybe transfer hosting over to them somehow? Is there another workaround? Perhaps I'm seeing reseller hosting as more complicated than it really is.
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    You are seeing reseller hosting as more complicated than it actually is. Contact hostgator and talk to them about their reseller program. You can be 100% transparent and all support can be handled by their techs.
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      If you are just setting up wordpress sites for them just use hostgators shared hosting.
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    Thanks! I'm actually using hostgator right now. I need to ask them about that. The only problem I can foresee is that I'll need to charge a client more than hostgator's regular monthly fee, unless I want to take part of the profits and set things up to pay their way for a certain amount of time. Anyways, I'll check it out, and thanks again.
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    What I do is have them sign up through my affiliate link with bluehost or hostgator and tell them how cheap it actually is and I get a nice chunk of money. My clients are happy I'm not soaking them for monthly fees.

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    I wouldnt short yourself that monthly fee. Its alot easier to manage all your clients sites if you are hosting them yourself, and you can pitch it like you are going to keep their website updated. (regular wordpress updates) This is a useful monthly service because it is important to keep wordpress updated to prevent hacking/security bugs and im sure they wont want to worry about it themselves. I offer 2 options, usually 25/month for hosting/basic updates and then like 50-100/month if they want to send me updates for the site whenever they want. They usually dont send much of any updates anyway.
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