google places - how can i find my google places listing?

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I wanted to see if I could put together a google places site and potentially market that service, so I asked a friend if I could make one for his business. I did and activated the site a few weeks ago, but I can't find it.

Are there actual google places URLs? I just want to see the page listing in google and need help in doing so.

I know it's getting site visitors (although not a lot or I'd be seeing it), because I checked the dashboard and it's showing impressiona and clicks.

Any ideas?
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    I think there is a way of finding the URL if you can find the listing in Google Maps first. Find the business through Google maps, click on the link and then you'll have the URL in the address bar at the top, although I think if you copy and paste it from there, you need to get rid of some of the garbage from the end of the string.
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  • type in your phone number in google maps or your address you will see your listing will show up there then click on it to get to your places page,you can also get the url in your google places account dashboard click on the link view my listing .
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    Yup phone number is the easiest way to find it. Once you are on the places page, click "link" to get the link. If you want to trim the url down, delete everything between the question mark and the cid.
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    Try this:

    Visit Google Places.
    Please read our Google Places quality guidelines and Local listings content policy prior to creating your single listing.

    If you already have a Google Account, sign in with your email and password. You can also use an AdWords login address and password, if you have one. If you don't have a Google Account, click Sign up for an account now, or go straight to the sign-up page. Google Places accounts are not transferable, so if you are planning to share this account with other users, create a Google account that you would not mind sharing with others.

    On Google Places homepage, click Add new business.

    On the “Find your business” tab, search for your business by phone number to see if Google already has information about your business.
    Select the country of your business location from the drop-down.
    Enter the phone number of your business listing.
    Click Find business information.

    Review the search results, if any, to see if one of them describes your business.
    If none of the results are related to your business, you will be prompted to add business information on the Edit Details page.
    If none of the results is your business, click Add a new listing. You'll be prompted to add more information on the next page.

    Fill out the basic information about your business. This includes:
    Company/Organization: This is the official/registered name of your business. Some businesses may be located within a mall or a container store, which is a store that contains another business. If your business is within a container store or mall, and you'd like to include this information in your listing, specify the container store in parentheses in the business name field. For example, Starbucks (inside Safeway).
    Address (required): The address should look exactly the way you'd write it on a standard mailing envelope. If you are a service-area business, you'll be able to hide your address in a few steps.
    Phone Number (required): Be sure to include the area code with your phone number.
    Website: Your website URL can be a maximum of 255 characters.

    Click Next.You'll now have the opportunity to provide the following information about your business:
    Categories: Enter several categories to describe your business, to make it easier for others to find when they search Google. Google will automatically suggest categories as you type. Make sure you choose one Google-suggested category before adding customizable categories. You can enter up to 5 categories for your business.
    Hours of operation: Select your hours of operation using the dropdown menus. If would prefer not to specify your hours of operation, keep the radio button selected next to “I prefer not to specify operating hours.”
    Payment options: Select the checkboxes next to the payment methods that your business accepts.
    Photos: Use the photo uploader to add a photo from your computer, or specify a URL to add a photo from the web. You can add up to 10 photos to your listing. Photos will appear in order of greatest size and quality. To learn more about adding photos, check out the User Guide.
    Video: To add a video, upload it to YouTube and copy and paste the URL to your Places listing. You can add up to 5 videos to your listing. For help with uploading your video to YouTube, read the article on how to upload a video in the YouTube Help Center.
    Additional details: Use this section to add custom information fields to your listing. For example, parking availability, or whether your business allows pets. Learn more about useful custom attributes to add to your listing.

    You can preview your listing as it will appear in Maps on the right side of your screen. New information will appear in the preview as you enter it. When you’re satisfied with your listing, click Submit at the bottom of the page.

    Choose how you would like to verify your listing and click Finish.
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    It just requires a little work to find the listing in the search results, try searching on Google Maps with biz name & address (exact match to listing). You may need to "poke" the listing, this is done by simply opening the listing (EDIT) in your dashboard and hitting SUBMIT again... I would do this a few times. Wait about 10 minutes... then search for your listing again. Once you have found the listing in the search results, and have clicked on the listing, you will see the word "link" in blue above the map on upper right side of page... click the word "link" ... this will give you the direct link to the listing.
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