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Hello fellow warriors.

A friend of mine just launched a new site that gives 100% free B2B data with complete information for every record, including email address.

I tried it out and it seems to work great. You can even download your list to a csv. It's in beta right now and totally free. You need to register for a free account.

LeadFerret.com - 100% Free B2B Data with Emails

If you wouldn't my putting my email down as the referrer and/or hitting the thanks button I would appreciate it.

My email is elephantmobilesvcs (at) gmail(dot)com
I receive no compensation for this. There is a points system for referrals and passing the word although I have no idea what if anything that will mean but more importantly, that my friend knows that I am helping spread the word.

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    hi thank you for sharing , it seems to be very good, they have many ways to search.
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    I was very impressed with the different ways that you can search as well.
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      Nice looking resource that will come in very handy...just added your referral info.

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        Thanks, just what I needed, can I search base on type of company, let's say I want to search for Dentist in a certain area, can it do this, maybe I miss it..but thank you just the same and I did add your email as the referrer
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    Impressive site. Thanks Basil
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    Great Resource! Thanks much
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    Terrific resource. Thanks for sharing!
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    Nice! Always appreciate a new resource to use...this one looks like a winner.

    I haven't registered yet but will be sure to use your e-mail as a referral.
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      Thank you so much. I have been looking for a way to narrow down the small businesses in my area by number of employees. Great tool! I just registered with you as the referrer.
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    wow this is some impressive stuff....thanks for sharing.
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    This is exactly what I need now. I have put your email as referral.
    Thanks for sharing.
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    Thanks for sharing man! It is great.
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    This sounds great! I just signed up and used your e-mail as a refferal! Thanx for the info! ~Daryn
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      Is this only for US based businesses and/or just for larger countries?
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      Thanks, Basil. Looks good from my end, too. I took it for a spin by doing a random zip code search for Attorneys in NJ though, and it only shot back 6 results with a 10 mile radius (surely more Attorneys than that, lol). Furthermore, all 6 results were the same firm, with assorted titles

      Looks promising if your friend can fine tune it and get more listings on there. I've saved it to my favorites though.
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        Ignore my post above, didn't use the zip code radius tool. VERY nice. And it's FREE. I like free

        I mainly go after solo practitioners, so, I already have their name , but, this is an awesome tool that should come in handy.

        Thanks for posting!
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    Glad you are all finding it useful. I have been using it a little more frequently lately and its a great (free) resource.
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    Posts like this make this forum what it is.

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    looks great
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