Can an offline business based on GP go online?

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So I'm really thinking of getting into Google Places business. In every course that I have read/watched "your local area" was always mentioned. My question is: If I'm from Europe can I work for someone in the US, helping them get top ranking on Places, etc? It's weird thinking about how the courses always mention "businesses in your area" "domain name with your area". Let's say I want to help a dentist from New Jersey or smth like that, can I do it? Awaiting for your answers.
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    Your main problem is working out phone verifications when you create citation sites. I usually call the location with the pin number or alert them and have them call me with it.
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    I would've had that problem even if I were from US because the company got the pin. I can call them and request it. So other than that I'm all good to go? And thanks for the answer.
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    What I do with my offline clients when I'm about to do a verification on sites like yelp or kudzu is hold on the verification page, call the client and tell them I am verifying another site and that I'm about to click the button so submit the verification. So when the phone rings they need to write down the pin for me so I can enter it.

    This method has been working great for me as it helps prove to my client that I'm doing what I was hired for as well.
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