Any Good Free tool to check rankings in Serps?

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Hello, Guys, just a quick question, are there any good tool you guys would recommend me to use in order to check my clients position on Google SERP?

I´m not talking about pageranking, but in wich "page" of Google my clients website is in..

I´m really challenged, I´m did a webpage + SEO for a Hostal in a very competitive city in Spain, and apart from the youtube videos, I could´nt see any considerable improvement as I´m fighting against monsters like e-dreams, vueling, and other booking webpages which seems to dominate the first 20 PAGES of Google. Damn that has been tough one, I´ve tried Paul´s backlinks, Angela´s backlinks..

I´m stuck on Page number 2 for Google Maps, and despite all my efforts, I could not move anything foward. About the SERP, I don´t even know where is the page, I know is indexed, but do not know de position.


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    try check market samurai.
    If I'm not wrong, free version do just good as paid version.
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    thanks for the advice, brother!
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    Do you want to know the actual movements or just where it's at now?
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    take a gander at my sig..thought not free, it will track the serp position of all of your client sites from one wordpress install. Plus, can you pick which google server to use (country that is).
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    Ow and! I'm paying for it myself but the first 10 keywords are free!
    That allows a maximum of 10 sites and 10 keywords, 1 site and 10 keywords or any other combination.

    Works like a charm on your phone and the updates are automatically.
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    I use the free version of RankTracker. Because it's the free version, you can't "save" your work so every time you want to check your rankings, you have to type in your url and keywords.

    It may sound like a pain but it works fine and it doesn't take long to type in the url/keywords.
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