Have you used kickstarter? Tell us about your strategy / success

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I'm working on my first kickstarter campaign and hoping that I've done everything right. I spent quite a bit of time working on the best rewards. I reviewed dozens of other campaigns and tried to emulate the successful ones and learn from the unsuccessful ones.

It seems like we could have a whole thread here about what to do, what not to do. I'll start with a couple:

MUST have a video
MUST be a personal plea
MUST have rewards spanning every possible contribution amount
MUST have rewards that appeal to a wide audience

I found that you really need to have your audience established first before going into the campaign. Basically none of my pledges come from people just browsing kickstarter.com. They all come from family/friends and my networks.

What are your strategies?
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    This is a really good thread. Thanks chienfu for starting

    Been following kickstarter and found that musicians and documentaries get a good amount of pledge mainly because they reward in the form of cd (for musician) and to be able to have a cameo in the video/documentary. Products do well too. I suppose for products you would really have to do market research and churn out something that is meets the demand but is not available yet.

    Good luck!
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