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This is a simple question but one that I feel could help or hurt if done incorrectly.

I'm getting ready to run a direct mail campaign and I'm curious to know if I should write my name/ return address on the envelope or not?

The campaign will include a form of "lumpy" mail.

Let me know what you think, I'm not looking for theory here.

Please just respond if you have tested this out.

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  • Yes you should add you name this adds a personalization factor which increases the response that you will get.

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    I always add my name on the top right of the letter rather than as a return address but it is definitely a must-do. Keep it as personal as possible.

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    Originally Posted by danielsteven View Post

    I'm getting ready to run a direct mail campaign and I'm curious to know if I should write my name/ return address on the envelope or not?

    The campaign will include a form of "lumpy" mail.
    First, your question is whether to place your Name/Return address on the Envelope, not the letter,

    Customized direct mail takes in a lot of variables, if I could see the entire piece and know your offer my answer would be more qualified.

    But, in general, I always increase response rates by NOT adding a return address on the Envelope customized mailings with these caveats below.

    Why? It increases the curiosity factor and increases the open rates dramatically. If you don't do this right, it won't work. Here's how...

    * you hand-write the recipients contact name and address. Real hand-writing. Medium blue felt pen. Can be outsourced.

    * your envelope is high quality and plain. Nothing else but the hand-written address. No return address.

    * Send first class postage with a real stamp.

    I'm talking about lead generation mailing, not selling a product directly in the mailing piece. Your offer is to provide more info to solve their burning problem. Your response mechanism is a phone number, or a url, or an email address, and you should be tracking with all 3 of those. And you should be following up with a series of mailings and phone calls to the list to maximize the results.

    Additionally, the personal message effect is increased with handwriting on the piece itself. I use Post-It notes with great success. Just something like, "This is interesting."

    This mailing technique works well for high-targeted, high-value prospects. Oftenthe "lumpy mail" is a large custom report with the contact and business name mail merged into the report pages

    With this technique you want them to perceive this is a personal letter from you to them, so you actually do that and it rings with authenticity. If you try to fake it with handwriting fonts it will fail. A bit of effort goes into to doing this so use it where the ROI makes sense for your business model. High Value targets. If you are selling ranking services and the ROI from your direct mail lead generation shows you invested 1 hour and $35 to get a single $250 monthly client... is it worth it?

    It is quite common to do this all correctly, and get response rates as high as 40%. There are a lot of critical keys to getting it right and targeting the high value list is the most critical.

    Best Regards,

    P.S. If you are doing small runs, say 50 at a time, then its easy to do some split testing. I also recommend you do followup phone calls to the entire list of 50 and you will get higher number of leads
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