How much should i charge for google places? Help plz

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So i have a meeting with this cab driver who owns the company
And he wants me to get his business listed on google places for 2 cities.
i have no clue as to how much to charge.
i have never done such service so im planning on outsourcing it as well

can some one help me out?
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    A lot of us doing offline business internet promotions charges at least 100$ per client.
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    Firstly I would check that his Google Places pages exist by doing an on-line search and check whether they have already been claimed.

    If you claim the sites and insert all the relevant data then allow around an hour per site so charge him your normal hourly rate. I'm not sure which country you are in but opt in's comment above of $100 seems fair to me.

    If you are going to optimise the sites by setting up on-line listings in the local directories such as yellow pages, truelocal etc etc and including at least 5 good photos and a couple of videos then you need to charge more depending on time taken especially if you are taking the photos and videos and uploading them. Probably around $250 each site would be fair.

    If you are going to get reviews posted to the site and set up an ongoing review process then you may be able to charge $100 per month or more for ongoing Reputation Management through regular reviews. Particularly if there are some bad reviews already posted.

    I hope that the above is of help to you.

    Take good care of those that you love.

    Robbie T
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    I would say $100 should be the minimum that you charge. I have seen other marketers and warriors state multiple times that they charge at least $300 a month for google places management. This is assuming that you will be maintaing these each month, adding reviews, citations, etc. The fact that you will be doing this for two different cities makes a bit of a higher price point more reasonable in my opinion.

    Why not start at a higher price point, such as around 250 or 300 dollars a month, and if the owner refuses to pay that much, then you could negotiate down to maybe $200 a month which the owner may then be fine paying since you agreed to come down in price. Just my two cents. I don't want to talk you out of getting a client, but never undervalue your services just because you may be new and afraid a business owner won't want to pay what you think you deserve.
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      I just added this to my clients options.

      My price point will be 500 a month. I guarantee top 3 spots therefore increasing web traffic. It's worth it for the right clients. I substitute this instead of doing SEO work as well. It's better for my clients to have a higher Goog places than there site up on page 1. They get more customers / better access to leads.
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    For google places I charge 200 Per month and 350 set up fee. By the way have you mention to him a mobile site? I can't think of a business that would benefit more from having a Mobile site... Maybe a restaurant but think usually people are searching for a taxi using their mobile device since they are out and about...

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    How to charge.

    1.) Find out how much an outsourcer will charge you.
    2.) Add on some more money to this price, it can range from $100 to $1,000 dollars. Don't go overboard here because you need to have a realistic number.

    3.) Try to estimate what your client will pay or have a few options available.

    Just here to see the shenanigans.

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    we normally charge From Google places one client only 400$
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    What you charge will depend on the level of service, you could offer a basic setup - Claim listing - keyword research - Keyword tagged images - keyword optimised description & catagories. I'd go for £150 perhaps on that ....

    But don't forget, if you plan to go "All out" on his listings it can turn into a lot of work, KML, geo-sitemaps, Directory citations, geotagged video & images .... An outsoucer who will do the "all out" version will be a G-places expert who knows all the tricks & will charge you accordingly.

    Since places is such a good service for local businesses I've invested in lots of places focused training, WSOs & beyond. If you do plan to go all out, the list of stuff you'll be doing is long but it will have better results & you will have positioned yourself as somebody who knows lots about places optimisation ...... an expert worth the price.
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