What services do you sell?

by misc92
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List all the diferent services you sell to offline businesses.

In my case: SEO / Social media Management / Web design / email marketing

Im currently considering entering in the mobile marketing niche.

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    I offer video production, video marketing/branding, google places optimization and seo.

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    I sell marketing consulting, business coaching, copywriting, document editing, eBook covers, and Kindle formatting/programming.

    I also have a CD that I sell to help people write even a simple eBook to get more clients in their niche.

    Good question!

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    Hmm. How are you all doing with selling these things?

    When a hardware store sells a drill, are they actually selling the drill? I think they're selling the hole the drill will make.

    What problem(s) do you solve for your clients? That's what you're really selling.
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  • My main product is what I call as an Auto Sales Closing system and how I sell It is "Discover the secrets of how to have a team of independent sales people selling your product for your providing you the time freedom to do what you do best!"

    Chris Brown
    Discover the secrets to Never paying out of pocket for your Advertising EVER AGAIN!! CLICK HERE

    Dial 888-888-9802, ext 66509 (3) , code 1 (#) FREE Recorded Message

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      Article marketing - My business is just starting up, but I've had 57 bites so far this week. Hopefully I can convert a few of those 57 into paying customers.

      I'm giving them all 1 free keyword research report, 500-700 key word targeted article, and 35 ezine postings of the article. After that I'm hoping they'll see the value in the service and decide to keep my company on retainer.
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    I'm working as an SEO support staff for a local seo firm. Normally we do build authority backlinks or own blogs for local businesses to improve their ranking. Sometimes bring more reviews too. But the backlinking sells most. We charge from 79 dollars to 199 dollars for building backlinks.


    Life is beautiful!

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      I sell my editing and rewriting services.
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    I offer fun promotional products for any business. For advertising, marketing and building brand

    Fun Promotional Products - Promotional Calendars

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      I sell MORE CUSTOMERS because in the "offline world" that's all that matters! Then I use my various tools to make that happen. To business owners, this is all that matters. Thats my pitch. Works.
      "Hybrid Method" Gets 120,846 TARGETED VISITORS
      To Any Site in ANY NICHE!

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    Me and my company sell SEO services. I'm SEO-analysis, I do full Seo audit, sale-pages for our products and also work as copy-writer.
    Seomall.net - All SEO Services start at $4.49 - High PR Backlinks, FB fans, Twitter Followers, Ready Websites, Design, Copywriting, Guides and much more
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    Originally Posted by misc92 View Post

    List all the diferent services you sell to offline businesses.

    In my case: SEO / Social media Management / Web design / email marketing

    Im currently considering entering in the mobile marketing niche.

    I sold seo services but I did that on EBay to offline clients on EBay who need exposure in the serps...
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    Well, i sell BST service of website marketing.
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      I sell credibility, authority and celebrity to my clients.

      Edited to add since I've been asked:

      I help my clients become published authors, turning interviews into books with them as the author.
      "Fate protects fools, little children, and ships called Enterprise." ~Commander Riker
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    I'm offering the website optimization on top of the traffic business that I have.
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    I sell what these small businesses all NEED and that is the GOXBEE NETWORK... It is coupons to the local area, the merchants zip code, and that brings in the foot traffic and sales. THEN you UPSELL to them other SEO SEM products and services....
    GOXBEE is HERE! You will have a business in a box and make recurring commissions! GOXBEE HAS LAUNCHED!

    WSO thread is HERE
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    I sell seo services. Now, I'm working on other kinds of services.
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    Me and the company I work with sells business lists for marketing campaigns.
    Business Contact List | Lead List | Mailing List

    Need business lead lists?
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    I offer social media services.
    Download Good Morning Images Here
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    This seems to be turning into a sales thread.

    The OP was asking what SERVICES you sell to your offline clients.

    I offer affordable, simple website building with recurring monthly hosting fees.
    Article marketing and content writing.
    Press release service
    and whatever else the clients NEEDS.


    Never Mistake Activity for Accomplishment

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    My services are similar.. I offer my offline clients SEO (on-site & offsite), social media marketing and Video Marketing, all working together to drive more brand exposure but more importantly to attract loyal and raving fans/followers.

    With Best Regards
    [URL="http://www.rommelasuit.com"] Rommel Asuit- Entrepreneur & Digital Marketing Consultant/URL]
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      I do writing and re writing articles. also promote products.
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        Google places
        website design
        mobile website design
        mobile marketing
        Facebook pages but not recently
        anything a client wants basically
        Affiliate links are not allowed.
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    I provide linkbuilding services to bring sites top on Google within a days.
    Just try my services for your site to bring site top on Google without any problems.My linkbuilding service keeps your site top on Google for long time.
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    In my offline business I sell
    - a Google Places ranking service
    - website design
    - general seo service

    In the next 3-5 weeks, I'll also be releasing a product.
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    Here is the short list :-)

    Custom Graphics for all Social Media Sites
    Set Up Accounts For Top 20+ Social Media and Feeds
    Branding Your Business as Leader in your Industry
    Create Custom Blog Page
    Extensive Keyword Research To Pin Point Target Market
    Set Up 10+ Google Adwords Campaigns or Adgroups
    Add 1,000 Keywords
    Dominate Google Front Page PPC in 24 hours
    Client Pays Google Directly For PPC Fees
    Dominate Facebook Ads Campaign
    Client Pays Facebook Directly For PPC Fees
    Twitter Account Setup – Pictures, Backgrounds and Bio
    LinkedIn Account Setup - Pictures and Bio
    Facebook Account Setup – Pictures and Bio
    YouTube Account Set Up - Pictures, Backgrounds and Bio
    Set Up System to get 2,500 Friends/Followers/Connections every 90 Days
    Create Video or Slide Show to Promote Business
    Use Video on all your Social Networks
    Keyword Research on Where to Place Ads on Google/Yahoo/MSN
    Get Video on Google/Yahoo/MSN Front Page with 3 Different Keywords per month
    Set Up Article Submission Service to 30 Different Social Bookmarking Sites
    Custom E-Mail Marketing Campaigns
    Complete Auto Responder System Set Up
    Training on E-Mail Marketing and Social Media Training
    Get Your Business On First Page of Google Maps
    Foursquare Marketing Campaigns For Retail Businesses
    Create Internet Based Sales Funnel For Lead Generation and List Building

    Learn Digital, Internet and Social Media Marketing For Your Business
    Click here to learn more - Digital and Social Media Marketing Training Course

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    Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing and Mobile for me!

    Frank "at" SchwarzMediaGroup.com

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    You can make decent income selling seo services on ebay offering the right services. Article writing is something that is not offered by too many people.

    It would do well on ebay.
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      i sell 'more customers' to prospects through proper branding,advertising and strategic marketing. Im also a good article writer and sell that too.
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    Custom website design, graphic design, publication design and SEO / website ranking / google places / social. And just help clients with getting more business - however that may be.

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    Being an expert in my field, I provide well written and informative content to website owners and offline publishers in the pet and animal niche. This includes articles, blog posts, reports and ebooks. I also provide an "ask the vet" service for their websites, and affordable niche plr articles and reports.
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    Ah, I'm selling my services? Interior Design of course.
    Hospitality Design Dubai | Interior Design UAE | Hotel Furniture Manufacturers Dubai
    Get all about Forex Market, Forex new and trading in etc in UAE, from Forexmarket.ae
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    Everything .. Including the kitchen sink ( family of contractors)

    I don't limit my services because even if I can't do that service... I know I can find someone who can and the most important thing to me is helping my clients find the success they are searching for.

    keep moving forward

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    Reputation Management
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    We sell/provide SEO, Online Reputation Management, PPC, Social Media, Web Design, Local and Business Listing Optimization to SEO companies, SEO Expert, Guru, Internet Marketer, and Professionals who are tired of their day job and just want to stay home and earn money.

    We are strictly a 100% White Label SEO Reseller Provider. We will use your brand (company name) and we will be your back-end (manpower).

    Experience SEO in Sales and Marketing approach. Send me an email at garyandrew15@gmail.com

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    Anybody involved with SMS mobile marketing?


    Trumpia: The Most Completed SMS Text Messaging Software & API Solution.
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      I do technical support for Google Places:

      Places entry setup for Web Marketeers. And issue resolutions.

      Recovering users from Suspended accounts and Pending Review entries.

      De-merging multiple motor trade sales lots.

      Advising in the tidying up of web data to stop duplicates and merges.

      Do the technical support for a Google Places Blueprint with 15 minutes support.

      Cheers. Andrew.
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    One side does publishing in several niches (our own products).
    The other side provides creative services for other publishers (editorial, design, production).
    The third side rests up from all that activity.
    Gary Smith, Partner, Wells-Smith Partners
    Your Employee Handbook Personnel Policies for Small Businesses
    Eliminate the barriers to a successful life: How to Create a Happier Life
    Stressful home life?: How to Create a Happier Home
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    We offer a wide variety of services as we like to diversify, lately we started offering mobile services and location based services to local businesses, but we do offer different things like "Reputation Management" and "Branding"
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    Google Places optimisation takes up most of my time, as well as SEO and web design (although that is less now).
    Also do my affiliate marketing in-between!
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    we offer different types of branded offroad parts and offroad equipments
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    I am all sort of content writing and SEO services to my respectable clients :-)
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      google places
      website re-design
      better rankings
      facebook pages
      ultimately more money for the client
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      • I sell what businesses NEED (after finding out what THEIR NEEDS are ... not what I WANT to sell them)!

        However, it's great to know what others are SELLING HERE as they are a great resource for us to contact / connect with for help with OUR NEEDS (for our clients)!

        I believe in sharing our resources here as it is ALL OF OUR Pot of Gold (the privilege of being a WF member here)!

        Onwards and Upwards!

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    We provide web hosting , domain name register,email marketing service, email hosting, cloud hosting to offline business and give them an opportunities to start up online with cheaper price.
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    I am a WordPress site builder and pretty good with Onsite SEO too. Apart from figuring out the right theme for the sites I build, I also do custom tweaks to the site as per needs. I am into this for 4 years now
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  • Profile picture of the author Matt Lee
    I used to sell SEO/Google Places, Web Design, Social Media, etc etc. But now I just sell solutions to my clients. Understand your customers, what they're goals are, and then propose options based on their needs.
    "One of the Most Successful Offline WSO's Ever!
    Get More High $$$ Clients with this Small Business Marketing PLR Magazine
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    We are providing different different service like on page posting, off page posting , forum posting then indexing in-short we providing all kind of seo work.
    We also providing web hosting and web developing.
    We also work on the mobile technology.
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    I provide:

    Web design
    Custom Blog Page
    Email Marketing
    Facebook Pages
    Google + Pages
    Mobile Website
    Adwords Campaigns Managment
    Anything a client neeed.

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    I sit and talk to them first, figure out what their business needs and then offer them a solution to their marketing problems. Does not matter what it is because I can get it done through outsourcing.
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    Digital Online Services, Article creation, Writing services, SEO, Web Design, Flash Design, Video Testimonials, Website Hosting, Complete business overhauls, Business Partnerships, Online Portals, Online Business Plans....

    ...Dreams, Hopes, Plans, Peace and a whole lot of Cyberdog T-Shirts
    Most think that it was God who created man in his own image but it was us who created God in ours.

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