Offline Marketing Methods to Promote Your Internet Business.

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All the talk these days seems to focus around ways to promote your Internet business. Most of them are excellent, offline methods you can use to promote your business, too.

And they're FREE!

Radio Talk Shows

There is practically an unlimited number of radio stations that bring experts in various fields into their studios. I'm sure you have heard some of these shows on your local radio stations.

The guest expert answers calls from listeners who phone into the radio station. You can be that expert!

During the show, you have ample opportunities to announce your Web address so listeners can visit your site.

You don't pay anything to be a guest. It's a win-win situation.

The radio station needs qualified guests to fill its airtime and you need the exposure. Everyone benefits.

Local Television Segments

Pay particular attention to the content offered on your local television stations. Do you notice shows, or segments of shows, where guests speak about various topics? If so, contact that station and offer to be a guest on their segment.

Chamber of Commerce Guest Speaker

Almost every city in the United States has a Chamber of Commerce. Although I don't have first-hand knowledge of such in other countries, I'll bet most have a similar organization.

Chambers of Commerce look for guest speakers. Most of them host weekly or monthly breakfasts or lunches to allow the business people who are members to network with one another.

During this time, they book guest speakers to offer a presentation to the Chamber members.

You have a captive audience that you can speak to, network with and direct to your Web site.
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    nice one.i really like it.i will try to see how effective it is.
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    An additional idea is to have something you're selling like a book or a DVD or some software that does something helpful to talk about. It helps to have an "angle" beyond just being an expert as it gives a focus point to why you want to be on the air, what you will talk about and its physical proof that you're the genius you claim to be That has worked for us!

    Truth About Marketing

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    Great idea, and great for credibilty but limited by the audience available at the time of the show.

    Mind you, focus the air time on valuable info rather than a pitch, take the audio, package it as a freebie download or mailshot and Bingo!

    Great lead capture tool with instant credibility!
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    every chamber i have talked to wants you to be a member of their chamber before they let you speak.
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    Good tips. Would love to hear more about your experience as a Radio talk show guest.

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      Great tips team74.

      It's possible to attract visitors to your sites using off line methods too!!

      Awesome post!
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    I knew I had seen this before.

    Please restrain yourself to posting things like this ONCE.

    At least you didn't scoop it from someone else. But you did copy and paste the content straight into the post.

    Another idea: do the Tim Ferriss thing and join three professional organizations (you can find some to join for free). Build a bio for yourself, naming the three organizations. Offer your speaking services to a local college.

    Now you have a speaking engagement as part of your experience.

    You can approach other organizations with all this credibility.
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    Radio talk shows are great, but in my opinion podcasts are better as a starter. The reason is podcasts can be downloaded any time while radio shows needs your prospects to be listening at the same time your live. This is to maximize your opportunities.
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    I like these ideas, I think doing speaking engagements is a great idea
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    Thank you all of you for liking my post. I will give you some more tips to be successful.


    No advertising services that violate other sites' TOS.

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    Radio talk shows are beneficial in this regard.Speaking power is the strength of a person.Such offline methods to attract the users are quite effective.You can use many other similar ways.But it will be limited to the audience listening to the show at that time.
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    The main thing is confidence in radio we can,t see audience and we manage it comfortably, But in crowd or audience we hesitate to describe.


    No advertising services that violate other sites' TOS.

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    The main thing is confidence in radio we can,t see audience and we manage it comfortably, But in crowd or audience we hesitate to describe
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    Its easy to advertise your business on radio compare to other things.


    No advertising services that violate other sites' TOS.

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    Is it hard to qualify yourself as an expert or to get these expert gigs?
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    Excellent ideas. But one may also try traditional print marketing tools such as brochures, catalogs, flyers, etc. Besides, not everyone can be invited over as a guest in a radio or tv show but most of us can do effective print marketing campaigns.
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    Who really listens to radio anymore? We are such a fast paced world, real time news, mobile apps and iPads. If you are looking for Offline Clients, why don't you become your first client and market yourself so that people can find you. If you can't do it for yourself first, how can you expect to perform the work for your clients? #justsayin

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    Just did my first radio segment yesterday as a matter of fact. It will air tomorrow at 11am. Radio segments add creditably instantly and aren't that hard to find. Make a few phones call and talk to the right people. Linkedin is a great place to start your search.

    Even if we don't get anything out of the segment we can now say we were once experts on a talk show radio in our field. It's going to look great in our media kit that we build once we start our speaking tour! haha

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    Don't forget you can use QR codes now on your printed materials - business cards, flyers, leaflets etc. Just another way to get people to your website or to a special offer online.

    Depending on who you're marketing to, another idea is to hold some educational sessions at your local library or community center. It's amazing how many people are NOT online as much as we are (or even close!)

    - Sharyn Sheldon

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