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I am just starting my on and offline business and need some ideas that are cheap to get started...

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    thanx for telling will definitly help in offline marketing once again thanx.

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    Why would you focus on offline marketing for an offline business?
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      Originally Posted by Cason View Post

      Why would you focus on offline marketing for an offline business?
      Because just like real offline businesses, you need to be able to sell and educate to business owners where they are at, offline.

      Many IM's seem to think that business owners are online all day searching for all of the ways that they can promote themselves online. The vast majority of business owners have no clue about online marketing, and because of they don't have a clue, they are not looking at all how to market online.

      They are working on their business and advertising in the paper, magazines, billboards, whatever else, because someone got to them and sold them on it.
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      Originally Posted by Cason View Post

      Why would you focus on offline marketing for an offline business?

      Because there are proven and tested methods that work.
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    Why wouldn't you??

    Calling is the fastest and cheapest way of finding new clients.
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    In online business, posting advertisements is very important.You can also use social media to promote your online business.In offline business,you can make calls and phones to clients.
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    I find it tuff these days to promote offline. Try focusing on specific print publications and target your print marketing in your city. But it can get pricey. Then you will want to use direct mail advertising.

    Then follow up with cold calls to potential leads. By then, hopefully they have heard of you.

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    thank you all of you for your lovely advises.


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    What kind of business are you running? It's good to start asking these kinds of questions because there are certain strategies that would work better for specific types of businesses than others. Others will tell you that calling is the best alternative, but in reality it is only one good alternative among many others. Print advertising is still one of the best ways you could promote your business and with the right choice of printed publicity material, you can boost sales with relatively low expenses. How come you are focusing on offline marketing and not online marketing?
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    Please don't feed the link spammers.
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  • Originally Posted by team74 View Post

    I am just starting my on and offline business and need some ideas that are cheap to get started...

    First of all, congratulations on actually getting started. You'd be surprised at how many people get hung up on that step.

    The cheapest way to get started is to pick up the phone and start calling businesses. Before you get on the phone, you should have completed a basic "background check" for the business- and found out:

    • who is the owner
    • who is the manager/GM
    • how long have they been in business
    • do they have more than one location
    • if it has a website
    • if the website is mobile optimized
    • if the local listing has been claimed
    • if the local listing can be improved
    • what type of social network/media presence the business has
    • if any print, tv, or radio ads are currently running
    • what promotions (if any) are they promoting
    • what does there YP listing look like
    • et cetera

    Don't try to pitch them anything, let them know you are doing market research. Just find out what is working for them, what is not working for them, and where their pain is. Ask them what have they done previously, what are they doing currently, and how do they feel about it.

    Tell them that you are looking to build your reputation in the community, since you are new to the market and would like to offer them a free marketing system diagnostic consultation where you will review their existing marketing efforts and materials, and make recommendations as needed, at which they will receive the analysis in writing. Have them submit copies of all their promo pieces, ad copy, etc... Interview them about their process, where most of their customers come from... Evaluate their website, social media, & mobile presence- and create a report/powerpoint deck/video/etc... Include your "advice" and give them one thing that they can do immediately that will get them quick results...

    Then you set a meeting with the owner to discuss the analysis, use the review to demonstrate visually good & bad examples of marketing plan execution, address any questions the owner has, show the business owner how much work it would take them to do it on their own *(w/o being obnoxious) and then USUALLY (if you've done it right) the owner will say to you... "I don't really have time for all of this- how much would it cost me for you to do this for me?" (or you can just close the sale assumptively- transitioning to "Now, if we were to do all of this for you..."

    Hope that helps.


    Also, I would have some really nice invitations (not flyers) printed up... hand address each envelope *(or get someone to "do" calligraphy) and use a very distinctive commemorative stamp- to invite the business owner to a webinar/teleseminar/seminar/luncheon/etc and include a "buck slip" (offering a free marketing analysis worth $xxxx.xx) with redemption details offered at event. There are free ways to do this, but you get a better "quality" lead this way.
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    Calling is the best option for you and ofcourse is the cheapest way of the services.
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    I think you should start an online business first, because a lot of online business with very little capital, even some that are not in the interst free, or if you want to work relax you can also do business stocks, maybe it's my advice, you will now live choose which, hopefully your choices can make you successful, good luck
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