Los Angeles Offline Marketers: Where do you all MeetUp?

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Great Day Fellow Warriors,

I'm in the process of getting going with offline marketing and wanted to know where other Offline Marketers local to Los Angeles hang out and meet up.

I'm the only person within my group who's entrepreneurial, and who understands technology and the Internet, which means I don't have the opportunity to talk to talk as much as I'd like to do.

One of my goals for this year, as it is for every year, is to increase my professional network with quality contacts.

So if any of you know of any local meetups or hangouts please let me know.

And if need be, if there are others of you out there who are looking for something similar, let's organize a local meetup ourselves.

Thanks again fellow Warriors.

Make It A Great Day,
Dhane Diesil
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      Sign up here to be notified of the next LA meetup. There are also links for nearby meetups live this week.
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      Sweet ProStar! What type of events to you typically attend? and how often?

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        Hi Dhane,

        I'm in Los Angeles too and am the moderator of the Los Angeles Warrior Forum Meetup that Paul suggested.

        Feel free to drop me a line any time to meet up for drinks sometime.
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