This was just what I needed to charge me up!

by Dexx
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I figured some of the true entrepreneurs out there (not the hobby-level marketers) could also benefit from the message in this video:

2012 can be your year for breaking through all of your goals...IF you truly want it.


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    Great video, I saw that somewhere else but now I can't recall who's site it was on!

    Thanks for the share Dexxy!
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    Excellent video! I used to watch this video every morning. Very powerful stuff

    Thanks for reminding me to watch it again.
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    That was a VERY powerful video!
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    Great Video very inspirational Thanks Dexx I need that..
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    I was looking for this... Now I have to comment to this moves up for other people to see.
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    I just posted the shorter version of this video on here the other day! I think it was after you posted this one thought. Weird.

    I love this guy. His enthusiasm is contagious.

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      This video sums up what it takes to succeed - Heart, determination, self-confidence, a never quit attitude. Wonderful video. Thanks for sharing Dexx.


      Be ambitious! You will never achieve anything greater than you set your sights upon.
      Great endeavors do not just happen, they are undertaken by average people who gain a
      vision of how to make the impossible possible.”
      -- John Di Frances

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    Great video... know what you want and what you're willing to do to get it.
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    Great video Dexx! This was the perfect video for me to watch before kicking off my Wednesday....I've got a feeling it will be another lucrative and productive day.
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    great vid, that guys is good!
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    I just want to breath...



    yea....those can wait.

    Get at it guys...get at it!

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    Wow. That was really good. Thanks for posting it. Great motivation - I'll get moving now!
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