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Hi Warriors,

Greetings of the Day!

I would like to provide you a simple and yet powerful tip to finding local businesses using Google Map. I hope you will find this small tip very useful especially those of you who are offering offline solutions.

So back to the business, "Find Local Local Businesses using Google Maps"

Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Type in any city name for e.g. San Francisco
Step 3: Now the map is focused around San Francisco area. Now type any local business type for e.g. Chiropractors or Dentists.
Step 4: You will now see all Chiropractors or Dentists listed on Google Maps. You will see big bubble marked as "A, B, C etc." and you will also see small red colored round bullets on the map.
Step 5: Now click on all those bubbles and points and start collecting "Local Businesses Details".

You can get the list of around 30-40 businesses within 1 hour (Collect details like Business Name, Phone Number, Email Address, Website Address and Physical Address.)

Simple enough? So, go get started and contact those local businesses and sell your products and services.

I hope you take the maximum benefits of this simple tip on searching local businesses using Google Maps.

Please share your experiences.

Warm Regards,
Black Panther
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