When you land a client, how do you go about outsourcing SEO, G Places, Etc.?

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Hello, Offliners!

I am giving Offline consulting a try for some local business. I will do some mailing to clients with a package I have put together for them.

I have no problem starting to send these packages out, but what I am having trouble with is what process to take when actually landing the lead.

How should I come up with the prices I will charge people, especially if I plan on outsourcing? Do you have any recommended services that you outsource to? I hear of people charging $397/mo or something to that affect, but after outsourcing costs, aren't you only getting yourself maybe $100 if the service costs $300/mo?

I just want to find a happy balance on what to charge, and after I charge them, how to proceed with being the medium between them and the service that I outsource to.


Matthew Porcaro
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    Since you're not sharing what it is you're offering it's impossible to give any kind of meaningful answer. Don't mean to be rude, but I'm not understanding the value of a consultant who starts a business without a business plan.

    However, assuming you have some idea of what you plan to offer, you should head over to the warriors for hire forum and see who can help you out with what services you plan to promote.

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    My business plan isn't set yet, hence the reason I'm asking the question.

    What I want to know is example processes people use currently when they close a deal, so I can attempt to come up with my own approach to closing the deal.

    So, for simplicity, let's just say that I will be promoting Google Places services. Do you close the deal, then find a Google Places service and give them the information they need, and take money off of the top of your client's bill?

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    I guess what I would suggest to you is scale out what you're offering and at what price point.

    If it costs you 200 per client to do one run of anything, and you charge 300 to do it, sure it's not much. But I always think in terms of scale. That's just one client. Now project that out over 10, 20, 30 clients. I like those numbers. Imagine an SEO biz where your portfolio consists at any given time of 20-30 clients. Take the middle road of 25.

    $2500 a month. Not bad x 12 months. Eh, it's something. But if that's not all you're going to do, add other services as well to get you to that magical number that you want each month.
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    The way you have to see it is, make sure you charge enough to be worth your while. You have to remember even though you are outsourcing the work you still have to deal with the client and making sure the outsourcer is doing a the project right, so make sure you dont under charge, you'll regret it! so if you offer a services and it costs you $100 per month i personally would charge between $300 - $350 depending on what it is.

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    Hey Matt,

    Definitely line up some outsourcers that you are planning on using first. Once you know what their price is you can charge what you are comfortable with charging. You want to be fair to the customer, but you are also solving a problem that they have and you are doing it for a profit so don't be afraid to charge them what you think the service is worth. Of course you don't want to way over charge someone if it isn't warranted so be smart with it.

    Also, don't be afraid to test a few different pricing options and see which one closes the most amount of sales.

    Hope that helps.

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    Great question but what I would do is narrow my services down to one services starting with one specific targeted business like dentist,chiropractor, or what ever you decide. And only market that one service, like facebook fanpage, Webdesign,Seo. You can sell the other services later on the back end. Then go post a job for the services on odesk or elance and see what the average rate for the project is. Now you can base your price off of what price they charge you. Just determine how much you want to make off of the job. Hope this helps..

    Aaron X
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