2 Great Ways to Find New Offline Marketing Clients

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The "I'm Currently Dirt Poor And There Ain't Nothin' But Dust In My Wallet" Method

Let's say you were targeting potential clients based on the keyword phrase Los Angeles Dentist, you'd run this query in Google first...

site:facebook.com, "los angeles", "california", dentist

Then you'd run the exact match keyword query in a separate browser tab...

"Los Angeles Dentist"

Finally, you'd cross-check which of the dentists listed on pages four, five, six and beyond for this keyword, were ALSO listed in the FB query. Just keep clicking between your two browser tabs, copying and pasting the relevant links into an open Word document.

Boom! You've just found a pile of potential clients who already "get it" as far as Social Media marketing is concerned (which is why they've got their page up on Facebook), but they need some extra help to get to the point of significance... i.e. page ONE of Google!

That's your prime market right there.

This method will yield hundreds of great potential leads if you're willing to invest a little sweat equity. It's especially useful for those who wish to contact companies to offer online services like SM/SEO marketing.

With an hour and a half of data mining, I usually come up with about 20 potential clients/companies to contact.

[Thanks to PWK2000 for the idea of structuring that first Google query!]

The "Yeah! I Just Got Paid Baby, And I Have A Couple of Hundred Dollars To Throw Around On Warrior Forum Special Offers" Method

Try a combination of these WSO´s...

Offline Video Explosion - $9.97 or more, depending on which of the several volumes they've produced, you decide to buy.


Places Scout - $147, but genuinely worth it!

[Nope, I'm not an affiliate or anything. Just a happy user and/or admirer of these products. :p]

Blessings and success people!

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