How can a website for kids make profit?

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Hello guys,

i am a new member in the forum, and i need your help on a project i am working on. I have to create a strategy for a company called Swapit in terms of increasing the profitability of their swapping (trading) platform for children and young people.

So far, their profit has been generated from selling data and making partnerships but they shoulder the processing costs because due to legal issues, kids cannot interact to each other.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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    Place some very targeted ads. Make sure they aren't offensive and they are targeted to kids. Kids love to click on shiny things wich are appealing to them.

    You can probably just use Adsense for this.

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    Whats the current traffic to the website? What kind of partnerships do they currently have? I need a little more info to give you an idea of how to monetize the site.

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      Hello Seantrepreneur,

      Here is what you asked for. Thanks for your support!


      Dec 2011:
      • 600k unique users
      • 900k registered users
      • 6 - 18
      • 52% boys / 48% girls

      Advertising & sponsorship

      They provide a range of targeted advertising & sponsorship opportunities via the Swapit website, swap parcels and email communications. Plus, unique and innovative promotions using the Swapit auction, banking and reward functionality.

      • Branded auction frenzies - an interactive auction to promote your product or release.
      • Zone sponsorship - 12 different zones with different appeal.
      • Advertising - rich media, skyscrapers, banners, buttons & more.
      • Street teams - viral marketing by your target audience to their peers.

      Swapits rewards online:
      • Website visits & interactions - using swapits to incentivise visits to your website.
      • Game plays - awarding swapits for interaction.
      • Surveys & polls - participation rewarded with swapits.
      • Banners & email links - clicks for swapits to encourage engagement with your brand.

      Swap parcels:
      • Branded address labels - your message across every swap parcel sent out.
      • Flyer inserts - targeted for your promotion.
      • Sampling - as part of a targeted campaign.

      Email newsletters:
      • Fortnightly newsletter sponsorship
      • Client dedicated emails
      • swapits incentivised e-cards
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