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I am meeting with a personal injury attorney tomorrow about his online marketing needs. I have already done some work for him and he trusts me and is pretty much letting me run all his online marketing.

I have a video idea that I have no doubt will be very beneficial for him, but was hoping to get some "unique/different/out the box ideas" from the good peeps of the Warrior Forum.

He is not happy with his SEO guys and is letting me take that over, but feel his site's copy needs an update. Pointless to send all the traffic to a site that is not converting.

Thank you in advance for any/all help
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    I just picked up an attorney client as well.

    One of the things we're doing right away is creating a better funnel for them. So we're doing the free report thing with an opt-in, and then an email sequence.

    You prob already thought of this too, I was just really surprised when I was researching the competition that hardly any attorneys have caught on to this stuff.
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    Yea, I have never tried the free report idea offline as I didn't think it would be that effective. I certainly thought of it, but wasn't sure if people wanted to read an ebook.

    How is it going so far?
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      You might want to touch on the subkect of him authoring a book. I met a lawyer a while back and he loved the idea of having a book written about a certain aspect of law.

      Ghost writing is an option here, and a well researched book written by a pro ghost writer might cost a few quid, but your client would certainly position her/himself as the goto lawyer for that particular arm of law.
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    Get him a local radio show on the weekends on his local AM Talk stations. Pretty affordable to do so, and major leverage in so many areas of his business.
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    ADukes, any updates on your last meeting?
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    Yes, I planned to come back here to give my update.

    I met with him on Monday, didn't walk away with an agreed upon deal. However, we have been emailing back and forth and he called me yesterday and asked, "Do you want me to mail you a check?"

    He has been using a SEO company and is obviously not too happy with them. He wanted to get closer to their pricing. I told him I am local, I've proven myself (already increased his traffic by 130% for the month of Feb) and I will be tracking every call/keyword.

    Anyone have a good call/keyword tracking company they use? I found one (about $100/mo) that they install it into the Google Anayltics. It sounds awesome, but it'll tell you what keywords are converting.

    Anyways, I positioned myself as an inbound marketing specialist, not a "page one ranking guy". He was a bit turned off by the number of keywords I had quoted; 10, as the company he was using was optimizing 50. He has not been doing any tracking, tweaking, adjusting.

    We agreed to $1,200/mo and if I drive him 500 visitors/mo he throws in a bonus of $300 making the total of $1,500. I think it's underpriced (by a lot?), but we are also in discussions about a video/lead generation/nurturing program as well. I am also managing his online reputation (not repair, but keeping an eye on new reviews) and he also wants me to put together an email campaign.

    I really would like to just be a biz dev/online marketing consultant and run everything. I am confident we'll get to that point.

    Oh yea, this was all from a video email I sent back in December.
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  • Profile picture of the author jspmedia did you increase traffic? can you share some tips how to increase traffics to prove to potential client?

    I used this one Ifbyphone | Voice-Based Marketing Automation advanced pkg will do the job..
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      Originally Posted by jspmedia View Post did you increase traffic? can you share some tips how to increase traffics to prove to potential client?

      I used this one Ifbyphone | Voice-Based Marketing Automation advanced pkg will do the job..
      I looked into this software on Sunday, but ended up calling another company on Monday.

      Are you happy with ifbyphone? Is this an affiliate link? I would be more than happy to sign up under your account so you get credit. This is cheaper and if you're happy with them, I'll go with them
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    He was averaging 288 visitors per month (over a 4 month span). We did a mobile site, citations and a press release in January. His traffic for January was: 358. For February, as of the 20th was: 485.

    We were on pace for 665 visitors for February. With an aggressive link building campaign I don't see any reason not to drive 500+ each and every month.

    Traffic means nothing if it is not converting though. That is why I want to install call tracking to see how his website is converting.
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    no it is not affiliate works well for me track, record, etc....
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