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I am going into the offline market. I am offering mobile websites, an sms management platform, Google Local rankings, Reputation management services, video creation services, a local coupon mailer, etc. My problem is I don't know what to charge for each example. I would appreciate any recommendations for WSO's that go over this or any recommendations as to what to charge for any or each or these services. I am building a website to promote my services and want to put on my packages with the amount for each package offered.
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    I would be very careful posting prices on the website because I'm my experience very few customers needs are the exact same.

    If you are going to put in pricing than at least put it "Starting at $XXX" that way you have a little wiggle room.

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    I guess I'd like to know what some ranges are for each? I don't want to price myself out of the market, but know how much value we can bring to our clients. For example I see people charging anywhere from $99 - $699 for a mobile website, then a monthly maintenance fee. Some of the websites even look like crap! If I knew what some ranges are or would be a fair price to start at or something that would be great.

    I took a friends landscaping/mowing company, improved their website (2 hours of work), then set him up on Google local and did 5 videos for him (12 hours of work). that got them to #2 in Google, on all sorts of Google local listings and only charged him $675 for the whole thing. Seems like I gave him a smoking hot deal, thats why I am asking fellow warriors for some directions as to what to charge for some services or what would be a fair price point. Looking back I only made $48.21 an hour, crap that sucks! I would rather make over $125+ an hour. His company landed several landscaping clients just from the local listing alone. One of his jobs from there was a $15k job! I screwed myself because I didn't know what to charge so I just threw a number out there and he took it right away. My fault for not knowing, that's why I am asking.

    Some people charge monthly fees and some charge a flat rate. I'd just like to talk with someone in the know and find answers to my questions because i know how to do the services but have no idea what to price it at or how to adjust for individual clients. Talking to someone who does this already would be awesome.

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    This goes back to the post I just made. http://www.warriorforum.com/offline-...e-formula.html

    Know and ask for the Life Time Value (LTV) of their customer and you can charge accordingly.

    Say with your efforts and services, you get him 1 client per month that spends on average $1k a year and he stays for 5 years, then that's $12k a year times 5 years = $60k.

    How much do you think you can charge now? Explain it to him so he can understand the LTV of his customers, and ask for a check relative to what you and your services are worth.
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      The Way I figure My pricing is by doing the keyword research for the industry im targeting in my local area and see how many searches there keywords are getting...then i find out what is the lifetime value of one customer for that industry....then i figure i can charge then what they would make just from 2 customers as a set up fee, then 25 % of 2 customers per month to retain my services. This applies to webdesign and leadgeneration activities such as google places or seo work....then you upsell them on facebook fanpages, reputation management etc. thats how i do it...hope this helps
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    You have to give pricing on basis of client's requirements instead of just putting a flat rate for all .
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    It's not the deal they get, it's the deal they think they get. Figure out what they want. Then find out how long or what it would cost for you to do it. Charge a minimum of twice your cost. So, if it costs you $200 to get the job done, then convince your client that the job is worth at least $800, then discount the price to $400.
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    Say, what you can do for your customer,
    tell him, how expensive others are (multiply their price with 10)
    Say again, that you are a professional
    HIGH! go very HIGH!
    ...then, go down for your customer, as it is a very "special"/exclusive price.
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    Start with one service and get it right before adding another. You are going to kill yourself with all of those services when you can't get the basics like pricing down.

    By the way - it would be a great idea to read Dan Kennedy's No BS Price Strategy book:

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