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Does anyone belong to an offline networking group for webmasters? I've thought of trying to get one started where I live. I figured it would be good for brainstorming. I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be as helpful as what I'm finding here in that regard, but it might be good for local marketing ideas.
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    I don't see what you would achieve there that you can't here?

    You could always try
    "Live like you'll die tomorrow, Learn like you'll live forever" - M. Ghandi
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    Yes, is a great way to meet people that share your interest.

    The other way would be Skype
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    If there is some mastermind group here message me please
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    Ya I think you are looking for more of a mastermind group. Networking groups are more for just networking and trying to find new business while mastermind groups are for learning. They focus more on working on your business to better it by connecting with others in the same field.

    Call a few business owners that offer the same services as you to see if they might be interested in your idea. Or go to networking events and meet people in your industry and ask them face to face.

    Hope that helps,

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    Offline networking groups are a group of business owners or employees that meet to grow their referral network. The main goal of these is to make more business "friends".

    So for instance, you go to a networking event and make friends with a plumber. The next day you are hanging out at a friends house and their toilet breaks and he asks you if you know of anyone that could fix it for him. You give him the plumbers business card that you got the other night at the networking event and tell him to call your new plumber friend. The friend calls the plumber and uses his services. Boom, you just referred business to someone you met at a networking event.

    Does that make sense?

    I can try to explain it differently if you are still unsure.

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    I think an online mastermind group would serve you better if you're looking to brainstorm with other webmasters. Besides, in an online group, you're usually in different parts of the country/world, which is mind expanding in other ways as well.
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