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Trying to grow my brand so I have a coupon site I've been working on for a while now. The business I design site for will offer coupons and deals on it. Where do I start with keyword research for a local savings website? I'm thinking of focusing on local chains in the city that offer such deals and they keywords they use but more long tail maybe? Any ideas?

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    Use the name of your city or town in some of the phrases. Also, use brand names as well as generic product names. You could also use the word "buy" or the name of a store. People often check out prices and product availability for a certain store to save time once they get there. So, I would include store names for a lot of phrases.

    I'd use long-tail for everything with several on each page. Make sure to use a lot of variations because repetition of a long-tail phrase will raise a red flag with Google.
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    What about free money from Store X? I know the phrase free money is overused but when put with the exact store or manufacturer of the product that might work.
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    You can try "your city name" + "company" + "coupon"
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