How do I find charities to donate my services?

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I am just starting business and would like to use the free service method to give my offline marketing firm some exposure and help a charity.

I want to choose the right charity with these attributes:
•center of influence or where centers of influence meet
•business owner networking opportunity
•nothing too big i.e. Red Cross

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I am located in Atlanta and any resources will be helpful, thanks
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    Well Mike

    Atlanta Charities | Charities in Atlanta, GA -

    Okay I like the Veterans Empowerment one myself plus any with kids involved. H.E.R.O For Children for example.

    Neither have weblinks on the YP site so you could sort that out for them in a jiffy.

    Phone them up and see what they are about.

    Military is good for networking if you know anything about the military.

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    Hey Mike,

    What kind of services were you planning on giving to the charity? I think that might narrow down the choices depending on what you are offering.

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    I would suggest getting a list of board members for any organization you're considering as a good fit for your services. That would give you an idea about the networking opportunities you'd have by leveraging their contacts.
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  • Profile picture of the author localvseo might help you. Also asking friends what they are involved in is a good way to gauge your interest. Do it for a cause you are passionate about and deliver meaningful help, if you are doing it just to get business then may not be the right cause to donate your time to.
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