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Lots of places have several small business expos each year. Has anyone ever rented space to advertise their website or their services? I think there's an art to getting the most from something like this. Some people sit in the booth reading a book until someone passes by. But I've seen others who have people flocking to their booth.

If you have a niche, a trade show might be a fantastic way to get some promotion. Besides all of the traffic from the public, it's a good way to network and make contact with people in the same niche.
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    Hi Aderra,

    I think I'm probably on the other side of the world to you so I'm not sure how big your shows are or how expensive the booths are however if you look at your investment as a lead / name / client info gathering tool then you won't regret your investment. if you think you will recoup the cost from sales at the trade show you will probably be disappointed.

    Everyone that I have ever spoken to who has had a booth at trade shows or expo's
    sell very little. Companies who I have worked for who have taken a booth at shows have never ever covered the expense. If they sell smaller, inexpensive physical items or offer a service such as a massage or a reading of their cards which are impulse buys then they do OK.

    If you want to gather info you need to be able to have customer testimonials either showing on AV or printed on a flyer showing you potential customer what you can do for them You know WIIFM from the clients point of view.

    You will need to run a free raffle giving away an iphone or ipad or something of reasonable value in exchange for them putting their business web site, name, address and MOBILE phone No on an entry slip to drop in the contest box.

    You have their web site to evaluate, you can check their Google Places status and then use the mobile No to follow up with a SMS campaign.

    I hope that helps.

    Good luck.

    Take good care of those that you love.

    Robbie T
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    Do your research. Like in one city alone there will be a few trade shows and expos. You really have to research which ones draw in the most crowds for your target market, the competitors who are renting a booth, the location of the shows and it's relevance to your industry, basically the whole nine yards.

    Also another question to ask is why not try some of the offline methods listed in warrior forum first before spending on trade shows and expos? Just a thought.

    To your success
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