Workshop at a Business Expo?

by AmyKay
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One of the burbs near me has a business association, and they are having an "expo." I totally want to do a free workshop or seminar. Good idea, right?

Which topic should I present (assuming I get just one 1 hour slot):

Importance of list building
SEO (yawn)
Turn your website into a lead gen machine (will discuss call to action, not too many confusing junk links, opt in form)
Going mobile: mobile sites, sms

Other suggestions? Title ideas?
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    Interesting reply. Very helpful.
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    "How to Double Your Customers in 1 Hour" Would be a good title.
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    Local internet marketing.

    Show the business why it is important to own the local search results. Maybe touch on Google Places, Adwords Express, PPC etc.. You don't have to go into extreme detail with it either. Keep them wondering what they should be doing and hopefully they'll go up and see you after the conference to set up a meeting to get more info.

    Maybe even offer a guide on how to optimize their listing. Trust me, they'll look at the guide and by totally overwhelmed. However, they'll now see that there is something that they should be doing that they are not. So hopefully they'll end up hiring you to solve that problem.

    Hope the helps!

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    Share awesome info with them, wow them, make them laugh. Most business owners will see you as an authority and trust you..
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      See if you can get a list of the members of this local business group.

      Do a bit of background research and see where they're holding with regard to local marketing online.

      I'd pick something more general than a specific marketing method - so more about the general opportunities which are available and how to decide between them for your business.

      Then I'd use examples which relate to the specific niches that the audience are involved in.

      Yes - definitely offer your services as a speaker. And make sure your follow-up afterwards takes full advantage of it.

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    If you have a few Bars, Restaurants and Gyms in the association, it would be great to share the value of having a Email list and/Or Clients with Mobile Apps with push notifications capabilities.

    Let them know how efficient sending an email to there clients list or a sending a messages through push notifications on there client's Mobile phone is. They can tell their clients (or remind them)at any time that there is a Special event the same night or the day before.

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    If you offer SMS marketing as a service, I would talk about this. SMS marketing powerful and most businesses don't know how to use it. Setup a demo for everyone to text into. Talk about how to use this in various industries. This is a great service to get in the door with.
    The most important part of whatever you present is that you position yourself as an expert and I would make sure to collect names, emails, and phone numbers of people. Following up after an event like that can lead a lot of new clients!
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    Hi Amy,

    Just a couple of suggestions.

    1/ one hour is way too long. you need a short, sharp presentation to give these business people a general idea of WIIFM.

    If they think that what you are showing them can make make them money and give them a good ROI then they will want to talk to you.

    2/ don't lose sight of the fact that all you are trying to do is to get them interested enough to give you their details so that you can contact them to do a full presentation and show them WIIFM.

    As JefKan (above) suggested SMS would be a good way to go.

    Hope that helps.

    Take good care of those that you love.

    Robbie T
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    What about Social Media Marketing?
    Facebook Biz Page, Twitter, Google Maps, Foursquare, YouTube and Pinterest?
    Those are all very appealing to business owners.

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    Interesting reply. Very useful.
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    Sorry bout this post, somehow I posted a website critique in this thread instead of the intended one.

    Don't mind me, I'm off to get some much needed sleep.

    Good luck with your seminar/workshop!
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