Wordpress Plugin to personalize urls for offline clients?

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I want to place a niche-specific videos on my Wordpress website. I'll be sending out either emails or packages, but I want to refer potential clients to a personalized url (www.mywebsite.com/plumbingcompanyname). Even though the video will be niche specific but generic in that it doesn't directly address the name of the company, I want to make the urls personal so at least the companies think it's personally created for them.

I know there are redirection plugins for Wordpress. So you can create the personalized company's URL but when they go there it'll redirect to another common place. So while it's good they input their personalized url, they will still know it's a generic video when they go to a generic and common url that doesn't mention their business name in the url.

I'm wondering if anyone knows other ways to solve this problem easily? Suggestions?

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