Lets go from £0 to tons of cash from offline sales... Follow me...

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Hi guys,

I love earning money both offline and online,

I started out with nothing and now am making good money.

The first thing you need is DRIVE if you have that you can make it.

I will presume that you have some skill that you can sell such as being able to build website\mobile
or face book fan pages,video channels etc etc.

The next thing to do is smarten up! Lol I mean you need to look good because your going to be out on the road... yes face to face with other humans, I know the thought of this can be really hard for some people but the pay off's are huge just keep that in mind when the "dread" comes to mind.

OK so I guess your thinking what do I say to the owner???

Just relax,

I normally say "hi, how's things going? How are your online sales going?" by saying this the owner will then do the talking, he will tell you if he has a website and how it is, then you can ask does he have a fan page, mobile site you tube channel etc.

Then here is the killer with what you can offer (lets say you can build fan pages) you say OK well how about I build you a fan page for free! They then look at you in a funny way.... you say look there is no risk I build the page for you... if you like it we can come do a great deal on the price, if you don't like it no fuss, someone else will take it off my hands.

That's the meat of it, you offer the deal for FREE but at the same time you make sure they know that your work is good, and that if they don't buy it someone else will... if said in the right way they will think you mean one of there competitors and will edge them to buy.

I can only go by my own experience but it works like a charm, the % of people that go for such a deal is super.

Please add your comments and questions.

Thanks guys.
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    no comments (cry)
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    I definitely like the dog in the avatar, my mom has one. And it makes me happy.
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    I am happy that Brendan is happy and that he is happy for his Mom.


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    Gee, it sure is nice that everybody's so happy.

    Happy Hugh

    "Never make someone a priority in your life who makes you an option in theirs." Anon.
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    really cute dog
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    And im happy your happy John

    P.S nice post deano good to see its working well for you

    Regards BRENDAN
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