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Hi there,

Just a quick note to let people know I made a posting last night in the "Joint Venture" as I'm looking for a Business Partner in Offline Marketing.

I realize this is probably not the most appropriate place to post it (and I'm not here to break any rules intentionally) but my concern is it's only had 21 views so far. This seems a far more appropriate section for me to perhaps get some more views and hopefully replies.

At same time I'm only interested in HEARING FROM SERIOUS PEOPLE ONLY.

You can easily click on my profile and see the posting I made there.

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    No thanks.
    The big lesson in life, baby, is never be scared of anyone or anything.
    -- FRANK SINATRA, quoted in The Way You Wear Your Hat
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    Lol. Yeah, you know the mods follow our commands around here and do whatever we tell them..... Lol

    At WF many times you have to eat your crow... if not I would have half my threads deleted.

    This will prob get deleted though because there is no content.
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