Impressed With a Direct Mailing I Saw Last Night

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So here is the story:

I have a commercial cleaning business in the town i live in.
I am trying to get into the offline marketing arena developing mobile websites (anyway that is a whole other story altogether)

Anyway, one of the place I clean the office portion of a heavy duty mechanic shop.
Basically they repair large vehicles such as buses and transport trucks etc.

So I happened to notice on the manager desk a little package that had a few flyers for various products that were related to this industry- industrial greasers, tire blocks, jacks etc.

Then stapled to the top of the package was a simple half sheet of paper that had the suppliers letterhead and contact info as well as the name and address of the place I was cleaning with a simple personal note that read:

"these will be of much help in your operations"

I thought it was a great example of an effective means of reaching out to businesses.
I mean it was simple, it showed that they took time to investigate the business and what they do, it was personal and it was not "salesy" at all.
It was like they just wanted to help the business out.

In my own situation, I have been thinking of sending out packages to local businesses for mobile websites, and I think i have been waaay over thinking things trying to come up with the perfect package, perfect graphics, perfect copywriting etc etc.

What this showed me is that one can simply put together a simple package and make it personal to the business you are targetting.

Would love to hear some of your thoughts on this approach.

p.s. It also seemed like a good sign that the package was sitting on the managers desk and was not in the garbage
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    I think you are right. When you send a mail piece that is all about helping their business not about how great you are, they will find you as a good source of info.
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    1.) Don't over do it with what you provide.
    2.) The "perfect" copy,website is not on the first time. Read John Carlton or anyone else and you will see that it takes months or even years to get it down right.
    3.) A handwritten note in today's society where emails,text messages and phone calls have replaced the "human" touch in business will always attract and interest people.

    Just here to see the shenanigans.

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    Your needs are a little different. What you saw was someone offering physical products, things that they can pick up and hold, whereas you are offering an intangible so when they pay the money they get a web site.

    A week or so back there was a post put out called "the brown envelope method" or something similar.

    See if you can find that and have a read as it relates to getting an appointment to "sell" an intangible.

    And last but not least remember that the goal with whatever you send out is to get an appointment. Don't try to sell product with the mail contact.

    Take good care of those that you love.

    Robbie T
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