My Almost $300 Client.. get off the forum and just GO (from a NEWBIE )

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... So I read someone's post on here earlier today, and was inspired to just say to hell with it and start trying to make money offline. My skill level is low, but I can put together a pretty decent WP website and am getting the hang of SEO..

I emailed a health shop that has been open less than a year. I let them know I that they didn't have a website, and that I could put one together for them for about $300. blah blah blah....

Long story short, the owner got back to me within an hour saying:

"I wish you would have emailed me earlier.. we are launching our site in two weeks.." pretty much insinuating that my price was a lot better, and they would have taken my offer had I been there a little earlier. I'm waiting for a response from two other companies I emailed today, but the moral of the post is to just DO IT!

Though I didn't make any money, I can't tell you how happy I am just to have received an email back on my FIRST day!

Much success to you all.

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    Rock on "K"... Keep at it. Thats awesome, any response at all lets you know there is a game out there that you could be playing in!
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      Nothing "newbie-ish" about your suggestion. Less time here and more time practicing what we preach gets the job done.

      Keep going!
      The big lesson in life, baby, is never be scared of anyone or anything.
      -- FRANK SINATRA, quoted in The Way You Wear Your Hat
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    You should email him back and try to set up an appointment to discuss other ways to promote his business.

    You might be able to do SEO on the site after its created, or set up some partnerships for him. A health food store could be promoting a local gym, in exchange for the local gym promoting them.
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    Originally Posted by Kumaris View Post

    pretty much insinuating that my price was a lot better, and they would have taken my offer had I been there a little earlier.
    I run into this a lot! The thing is that if their current web guy is even a *little* flaky, you can go in and swipe business from them very easily.

    I just finished a website I did for $1,000 by doing this exact thing. The case was a little extreme, but here's how it went down:

    1. Company hired web guy and had even paid half up front to him already.

    2. Web guy had a heart attack and moved to Florida. (I honestly feel bad for the guy but if he can't do the work then someone has to.)

    3. As a result of a cold call I had a meeting with the company and offered to do their website for $1,000. Great timing on my part, I undercut the competition and got the job.

    Now we're talking about Google Places optimization and SEO work, which will be a ton easier since I finished the site. Just keep at it man, and congrats on taking action!
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    Really great motivation! I've had a couple similar situations on my limited cold-contacts.

    Action over Perfection, I think Kenster calls it. Unfortunately, it is hard for me not to seek perfection before taking action.

    But I'm inspired! Thanks for the post.
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    Well done.

    I guess you found out that only taking action brings results.
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