The #1 Fatal Marketing Mistake Many Warriors Make...

by Dexx
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What is the mistake I noticed you ask?

Making assumptions!

For anyone who has spent any length of time in the section of the WF you will have noticed a common trend:
"I contacted (insert number) (business types) but I keep get rejected"
"I want to sell (insert WSO strategy of the week) but I don't know who I should approach"
"I have a meeting with a business owner (insert date) and want to sell them (insert hyped-up offline service), but I don't know what I should say"
...and on and on.

The lack of results and increased frustration can all be attributed back guessed it...
Making Assumptions!

Do NOT assume a Business Owner wants what you have to sell.
  • You should know they want what you have to sell based on certain qualifying signs.

    This might be something as simple as them posting a message online requesting the very solution(s) YOU can provide them.
Do NOT assume a Business Owner NEEDS what you have to sell.
  • Similar to above, you shouldn't be assuming they need what you have to offer, you should know it.

    This might be accomplished by you researching/studying their business and noticing something that is HURTING THEIR PROFITS (they they may or may not be aware of).

    Now you can approach them from a position of offering value and help as opposed to trying to make a quick them you have taken the time to analyze their business.
Do NOT assume your marketing method will work to generate leads
  • Yes, you picked up a fancy new WSO and it promised you a world of treasures and private planes. Great. Now TEST it for yourself on a SMALL scale.

    Too often Warriors practically bankrupt themselves spending hundreds/thousands of dollars on some "postcard trick" etc. that is supposed to bring hundreds of clients running to their door...but doesn't.

    Start small. Monitor results and THEN scale up to drive more leads into your funnel.
Do NOT assume your marketing method will work for a business
  • Closely related to what I just wrote above, don't buy a WSO that promises to generate results for a business...and then run off and sell that promise to a business for hundreds/thousands of dollars...without at least being able to VERIFY it actually does make money for a business!

    Many WSOs seem to be based on theory, on a "this should work" train of thought. However it is YOU who will be on the hook to the business owner who buys into the promise your pitching.

    So before testing a customer increasing / social media / incredible-instant-profit-button technique on a paying it on YOUR OWN BUSINESS first.

    If you arent generating a lot of great results from the strategy, why would a business paying you $5,000 be able to? They won't.

    However they WILL be hoppin' mad at you for "ripping them off," and even if they don't come after you financially, you better believe your reputation amongst local business owners will take a hit.

    It's not worth it. Test it, prove it works, and then use YOUR results and social proof for the business owners you talk with.

At the end of the day you need to KNOW with 100% certainty or you are WASTING TIME and MONEY for both you and the business owners that you speak with (hence their lack of desire to provide you with any chance of being hired)

I know many warriors will read this, brush it off, and then return in a few days to complain about their lack of results...hopefully this post does help one or two of you who desire to succeed as quickly and easily as possible in your business efforts.



PS - I don't often start new threads anymore, just because I find this area of the forum to typically continue to do the same unprofitable activities over and over despite great advice from other marketers...which makes providing any sort of proven advice a waste of time.

That being said however, if you appreciate this type of content, a thanks would be nice! (and maybe I'll start doing them more often again)
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    Reading and it's cool. Nice share.
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    Awesome post Dexx... Where the heck do I get a sig like that? Lol. I love it. Even a guy that couldnt hit the side of a barn wouldnt miss that!
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      Originally Posted by John Durham View Post

      Awesome post Dexx... Where the heck do I get a sig like that? Lol. I love it. Even a guy that couldnt hit the side of a barn wouldnt miss that!
      Haha, you mean the banner?

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    Cool post, something helpful for newbies and are fresh from this forum. Thanks.
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    Just the whole thing... Its like Las Vegas up in here! Beautiful! In fact I want to buy one to celebrate it, which do you suggest....?

    Edit: #6 looks good. Goin for it. Thanks.
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    Right on, Dexx!

    Assuming that just because a WSO says everything is going to come up roses doesn't mean it's going to work for you. The map is not the territory.

    Now some people will say "Assume the sale." I believe we should concentrate on qualifying people In or Out of our opportunity first, before we try to sell anything. That way, we'll use our energy a lot more effectively.
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    100% agree with you Dexx. Find what they want and need and give it to them and dont just try to push your services down their throats when you dont even know what they actually need. Amen.
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    A wise man once said "People only hear answers to questions that they ask" When we truly understand what this means, it will revolutionize our thinking.
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    Right on the money!
    For Killer Marketing Tips that Will Grow Your Business Follow Me on Twitter Now
    After all, you're probably following a few hundred people already that aren't doing squat for you.....
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    Awesome Post Dexx.

    Start small, test it for your market and scale if it works. It not tweak it again and test again.
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    Thanks for the post. assuming anything of others could be the death of our sale.. Always work to find a need.
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