Launching my "Hybrid" business... A few questions before starting...

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Hello Everyone,

I am going to be launching an offline/online business exactly as John Durham described it here: NEWBIES READ THIS!!! How Y-O-U Can Make 50k From Nothing With ZERO HTML Knowledge

I am comforitable on the phone and have had several offline business before. I figure if I can only get 2 a week I would be satisfied, and the residual income after a year would be about 2500 a month. And that's just at 2 a week.

My questions are...
1. Contracts?; where do I get a proper contract and or what does it need to say for this since there is a re bill and all involved.

2. rebill abilities?; I know that John had mentioned that his bank re bills for him or something like this and the money comes right out of his customers bank accounts and not credit cards. I would amagine there would need to be something they sign that would give us the ability to do that. Not sure what this is called or anything, please give me a hint if you can so I can figure this out! Thanks

3. Getting there logo on there website?; Everyone has a logo for there business... SO, if they dont have the jpg that I can upload and put on there website... But if they do not have the jpg, what do we do???!

4.Where do I get large lists of companies?; I could just call business up out of the phone book. But then I would not be able to use a dialer service like phoneburner ( which I use currently for another business), and that is not exactly quick. I could google search types of business in my area and find the ones that dont have a website? But that also is not a very quick process! Whats the best way to do this?

Also, does it matter at all if we are calling business in are area? I live in a smallish town with 80k people... It would be nice to tap into some larger markets.

Thanks alot
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    Here you go:

    1. Search "website design contract" there should be quite a few that show up. Use them at your own risk though. I would still have a lawyer take a look at it at some point just to be sure you are covered.

    2. We use Intuit payment processing which allows for automatic billing. It's extremely easy to use. Since Homestead is an Intuit brand it's integrated. I suggest setting your website up with Homestead since you are going to try to do what John explains. That way if your prospects ask to see an example of your work you can just tell them to look at your website.

    3. Check out or There are TONS of outsourcers that you can use to to have a logo made for you.

    4. Look up 512 Design here on the Warrior Forum. He can help you with getting a large list of businesses to call.

    You can call where ever you would like to call. If you can sell this service over the phone then that's great.

    Good luck!

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    Thank you SO MUCH SEAN!!!

    Its SO helpful to get these questions answered right now to get this ground work nailed down.

    I am wondering though, with Intuit payment, are you billing there credit cards or there bank accounts? THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!
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    Logos. If they have ever had a logo printed, borrow a copy.
    Scan it into your computer, Save image as ... That's it.


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