Using Facebook to Sell Houses?

by grey38
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I've got a small time realtor who wants me to do a Facebook for him. However I have to prove myself to him and I get commission per house he sells. I'm pretty solid on the basics of Facebook, but selling homes feels like a whole new game. Any ideas on what I could do for this?
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    Hey grey38,

    I have had a lot of prospects ask me to
    work by getting paid on results.

    I works great if you have 100% control!

    If you don't your are relying on someone
    elses ability to make you money.

    There are all kinds of things that can wrong
    when you are not in control.

    I am not telling you to not do it, but decide
    with both eyes open.
    "Nothing Happens Until Something Is Sold"
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    Sounds like a crappy deal to me, you do all the work and he takes no risk.
    You are like a little work rabbit going after a carrot on a stick.

    He probably think hes doing you a favor by giving you a shot at the gold. Is he?
    If this guy wont pay you for your time, even if its just min wage or a couple hundred bucks to get some graphics and set up done as a sign of good faith then one of you if Full of crap.
    Think about that for a minute before you get emotional about it.

    I could tell you how much you will regret this deal but you dont want to hear that so good luck!
    Promise Big.
    Deliver Bigger.
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    I am pretty sure its illegal in every state for someone to give a commission on a real estate purchase to someone who is not licensed.

    But anyways, to run a facebook campaign you could create a page for a geographical area such as or /welovebrooklyn, and then either get software that will add people, or pass out flyers in the target area to try to drive them to your facebook page. You could give away a prize to get people to like your page and give you their email address. After you get a lot of likes on there you start posting articles that are linked to the real estate agents blog, offering people that buy a house through them a free home warranty, etc.
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    I don't know what the law is in your area regarding house prices, however, using a "Facebook page" you could quite easily rank for keywords and phrases that purchasers will be looking for for finding a house like the one in which you are offering.

    However, if your setting up this page and managing it, you'll want to retain control!

    I'd check the law in your state/country before engaging in this offer.

    I work on the Facebook Client Chit Chat. Chit Chat is a Facebook chat application that you can use on your desktop in order to send and receive Facebook messages. It supports Facebook chat history, text formatting, sound alerts and much more!

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    unfortunately I'm just starting out, and trying to take what I can get. I know there's no money up front, so I'm trying to find a way to get some conversions through his Facebook.

    With a regular brick and mortar this would be easy. But how do I find people on Facebook looking for homes?
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    I dont think its good idea to use facebook for selling house you can use any local real estate agent website for it
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    Facebook would work great for selling houses, if done right. First you need to find out if he's looking for sellers or buyers, then create the page. Offer a free home selling and pricing evaluation to sellers, or if he's looking for buyers have him come up with something similar.

    I'm in real estate, not a Realtor... but sell houses monthly. Of course you can use FB...

    However, I'd not charge him for sold houses as someone said above, it's gray area legal because of Realtor laws. I'd charge him for leads. That way you're paid for your performance, and don't have to rely on him being "good" to get paid. You get him the lead and he pays you.


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    I dont know but thats a great idea to do "offline" there is alot more to sell than just webpages out there, and we can use our hybrid models to really get an edge on alot of typical types of sales.

    I dont know if I have even scratched the SURFACE yet as to whats possible with alibaba for one.
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    may this way can works
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    You know there is a big difference in setting up a Facebook page so he has a presence and actually trying to market a house through Facebook alone.
    I could tell you things to do but these are long term ideas and will not likely produce leads for a while. Some of them may even cost a few marketing bucks which it sounds like he doesnt want to spend.

    The guy has to at least pay you to set up HIS page and if you want to try and market it just to prove a point and/or gain experience okay.

    It will not be easy. Facebook can be used to help an agent build and brand and stay connected, its not really the idea thing for lead generation , at least not off the bat.

    You understand that even if you can figure out a way to get him leads it could be months before you even collect a check. This is sick, are you living at home and dont have bills?
    Not trying to cut you down but this is a HORRIBLE idea unless you just enjoy working for free.

    You say that you think you can do it easily with a brick and mortar , why dont you find one and make a deal with them. Hell if you are going to work for nothing you can at least charge $25 to set up facebook pages for people all day long. Or is the dangling carrot of a percentage of a big fat commission check too overpowering for you right now?

    Why would you invest your valuable time helping some broke a$$ realtor who wont invest anything in you?

    Ill get off the soapbox now.
    Promise Big.
    Deliver Bigger.
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    You guys are right. I've got two other clients wanting to meet with me, willing to pay.
    I sent him this email, what do you guys think?

    Mr. Rosenbaum,

    I am sorry to have to do this, but I cannot work on commissions. Looking over your email again, it occurred to me this would be a couple week process and right now I do not have the time to work for free. See, I can send you leads and customers, but I cannot guarantee the houses will be sold. I'm sure you're an excellent reference and salesman, I would love to have you as a reference. If you decide to change your mind in regards to paying up front, I will be happy to move forward.

    Kindly thanks,

    Shane D
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      Originally Posted by grey38 View Post

      Mr. Rosenbaum,

      I am sorry to have to do this, but I cannot work on commissions. Looking over your email again, it occurred to me this would be a couple week process and right now I do not have the time to work for free. See, I can send you leads and customers, but I cannot guarantee the houses will be sold. I'm sure you're an excellent reference and salesman, I would love to have you as a reference. If you decide to change your mind in regards to paying up front, I will be happy to move forward.

      Kindly thanks,

      Shane D not worry, I just wanted to take advantage of you, I wanted to make money without spending it, but you for some reason you figured it out on time..****
      -Mr. Rosenbaum
      P.D.sorry for the delay

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    Newspapers, Local Real Estate Magazines do not run realtors ad's on a contingency basis and you should not either.

    My advice is to let them know they probably are not as serious about selling homes as you are in helping them promote their business so they can sell homes. Just ask who do they know who is serious about selling property that you can talk with.

    Don't let them lead you around by the ring in your nose. You are in business and your time and skills are worth being paid for.

    I hope this helps.

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    I like & I appreciate your House selling idea on facebook ! I'm sure this Idea will surely help you to sell your Houses !
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    I had a lot of Success with Real Estate on Facebook
    Using FaceBook Ads
    But if i do a JV about it i never promote for free
    always Basic paymanet for my Time + Comission for success
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    Why not charge a large set-up fee $3,500 to $10,000 and do a monthly maintenance fee of maybe $750 to $1500 ... or more. If they're serious in doing business they will put up the money and if not then don't waste your time. Move to the next.

    Waiting for them to sell a house is like waiting for water to spring out of the desert. Plus how do you know if the house gets sold or not. If they want to do business with you tell them to pay upfront first.

    Templatic has some nice Real Estate Flash FB Templates. I use them too.
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    I was a realtor and its against all laws to recieve any money for a transaction that is tied to a commission. I mean you could work for a realtor and be paid hourly or salary.

    If you think about it you could help out for a short period but you need to set a certain limit when your hourly or salary starts to kick in. Lets say ..... the guy was getting 4 leads a month. Then you work your magic.... get him 23 leads... @ 25 leads he needs to start paying up some soft warm cash. I hope that helps!


    Rockn It!~
    What to see how its done? I Dare You!
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    The previous posters are right, RESPA law bars him from paying commissions. Lead fees, per project fees, hourly rate and retainer are all allowable.

    The important thing to remember is that new clients (listing or buyer) are as valuable as actually selling houses, and this is likely a more productive use of FB.

    Not saying you can't generate home sales from FB, but I think you make more money (esp. if paid per lead) targeting the other.

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    I don't think so that its a best way to sell your house on facebook...
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    the simple thing you can do to Sell the house on facebook is you can create an ads on facebook, every facebookers will see your ads, and if they interesting they will be buy the home and you get the commission.
    Do you think what i said is wrong ?
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    Facebook is a good way from my previous experience to get people to look at houses while that may lead to them eventually buying a house or the realtor selling a house its not for certain.

    I would never work for a commission on per house he/she sells because there are so many variables that you cannot control. I would ask the realtor to pay you a smaller listing fee/ I have a colleague who does the crazy posts on craigslist for realtors and makes sure that they stay up to date and funnels the leads to the realtors he works with. That may be a better approach at least you get paid upfront! ...just my 2 cents
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    The advantage of using Facebook to sell your house I that it might just organically peak interest in your home from friends.

    Get Facebook Marketing services from readyBUZZ which deals in social media strategies.

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    I dated a realtor for quite some time until recently. Back in 2007, we used her Myspace Page to sell 5 homes that totaled over $1.5 Million Dollars. Over the past several years with Facebook, she averages about 1 sales per month.
    She has a personal profile with close to 4,000 friend and several Facebook Pages with another 3,000. She got sales by branding herself as a leader in this industry. Facts about the real estate market in San Diego, open houses she is hosting, free home evaluations and free MLS searchs to get leads.
    I wouldn't do this for free or on commission. If you manage a campaign at the level I just discussed, you should be getting paid at least $400 to $750 a month.

    Learn Digital, Internet and Social Media Marketing For Your Business
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    I agree ith your e-mail, I dont think is a good idea to sell houses on Facebook, so I wouldnt work on commission bases too. Why dont you suggest him a different way of promotion? I dont believe that many people will be onterested to buy a house through Facebook..
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    Mostly we can find out most of agent trying too hard to share list of photo and sell houses.
    If you want to make deal on FB, that is really challenging . But if use Facebook to promote, it really a good idea .
    People using classified to sell hosue why not Facebook . Good luck for you .
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    Not sure how well it will convert, Facebook isn't a buy your most expensive "lifetime" investment kind of site. I've done all sorts of expirements selling cars on there, but it's just not worth my time after seeing the results. It's not the place you want to try and convert people from the "at peace" mind to the "buyer mentaility" state of mind..
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