OFFLINERS - Friday giveaway - My new Command Center Tool for Client Management[WORDPRESS PLUGIN]

by Kael41
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It's friday and i'm in a good's sunny here in Houston, not terribly hot and i'm going home in a bit to hang with the family. I see a TON of people here still pushing and striving to get your next client or just to manage what you have. I'm very thankful to be in a situation where most of my local seo business comes as word of mouth, so I'm often giving out overflow to friends of mine because I can't keep up the work. But that's neither here or there..

I figured that for 5 people, I'll give you my new command central tool for managing clients. It's a plugin for wordpress, so you need wordpress to use it. First come, first served. I'm going offline ,so for 5 people this plugin is yours..nothing to buy, nothing to give me..just use it to help you make money and stay on task This same plugin is currently being sold as a wso here for $35 -

Post up, and the first five get it.

For others, I'm always genuinely interested in building tools that help people do x,y,z..for you offliners who need more efficient means of practicing, what kind of tools are you looking for to help you?
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